Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pinning pleasure: hearting

Oh my stars! Thanks so much for your fabulous responses to my last post about why I love blogging. It gives me such a thrill to see your enthusiastic responses about this bloggy caper and the pleasure it brings to your lives as well. I am slowly working my way through replying to your comments - please bear with me as my poor paw is a bit painful (hmm, time to see the hand physio, I think).

Tonight, I thought I'd continue with the series of posts I started here highlighting some of my favourite pins from Pinterest. This time I've chosen my 'Hearting' pinboard. One of the delights I've discovered since starting blogging has been the myriad ways of decorating and delighting with hearts. Let's look at some of my favourite images.
Isn't this just a divine idea? Gifted Planetarian Janelle found this romantic photo - I think it is the Knot Garden at Villandry Chateau, Loire Valley in France. *Sigh*. We might just have to grow a hedge on Planet Baby so I can have one too!
I adore the whimsy in this one. The blurriness on the edges really enhances its appeal, I find.                         
This little beauty from Cox & Cox has been on my wishlist for ages now. But the shipping cost is prohibitive. I think Mr PB and I might have to get creative and whip up our own version for Planet Baby. I can just see it twinkling away on our back deck on a balmy summer evening...

The fabulously talented Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint has nailed it again with this brilliant display. I adore seeing her genius in action! She's such an inspiration.

The fabulous Tif Fussell of Dottie Angel whipped up this sweet heart garland which I find just enchanting. She's been kind enough to share her tutorial for it here if you want to give it a try. It's something children would love doing - maybe a perfect school holiday activity for some of you now! I'm definitely making one for Planet Baby - I'll show you the result once finished.
                                                   Source: via Jane on Pinterest

And to finish, here's this beauty from Bombus. But *just quietly*, for that price, I'm going to make my own version for a smidgen of the cost. I'm going to choose places of significance to Mr PB and me, photocopy those maps from our atlas and then whip out my scissors and glue-stick. I have a frame handy. Hmm, I'm looking forward to seeing what results!

So tell me, do any of these pins take your fancy? Are you feeling inspired by Dottie Angel? Or are your eyes glazing over at the thought?! Let us know. And if you'd like to see my other 'Hearting' pins, just click here to be transported.
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