Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Your burning question: When did you have Joshua?

Ooh, we're enjoying a delightfully sunny day in winter-time Hobart today - the pixies are gadding about in shorts and T-shirts! Sun does wonders for one's mood, doesn't it? Especially when A Certain Mother has been *slightly* overdoing it with her healing hand. The result? A tingling little finger and a painful wrist. Hmm. I just phoned the surgeon and was advised to rest - quelle surprise! I know you've all been counselling me to do so but pruning our roses seemed like a good idea until my hand hurt...

Anyway, as promised, I'm continuing with this series of posts answering your burning questions posed in our survey. Now you've read about how Mr PB and I met and our time in Sydney, let's move onto our arrival on Planet Baby with Joshua's birth. Oh, and India's and Sammy's, too!

The pixies' arrivals
Nursing my first-born on Day One!
Click on this post to read about the lead-up to, and arrival of, all 3 pixies. Go on - I'll wait for you back here!

My goodness, it takes me back, seeing those old photos. Back to the newborn blur. Whenever I feel like I'm in the *trenches of motherhood*, I should look at them to remind me that we've actually come a long way ☺.

My early years of motherhood

Well, that's their births for you (I'm not one for sharing their actual birth stories). Then click here to read about those first few years of my mothering journey. It might answer some of the questions you've asked me about how I coped with having the 3 pixies in only 3½ years! 

So what are your thoughts? Did you relate to any of the hurdles to motherhood I discussed in my first post? And were you nodding at any of my feelings about the early days of motherhood? Or have your experiences been totally different? Do jump in and share - I can't wait to hear your thoughts! 
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