Monday, 21 May 2012

My Little Operation: my surgeon's verdict

Warmest greetings from autumnal Hobart from A Certain Mother! I am two-finger-left-handed typing this with my poor paw (I love a good pun!) in a sling after My Little Operation this morning.

I'm just checking in to let you know my surgeon's verdict was that the surgery was a "technical triumph"! Given our mutual OCD tendencies, This Lawyer was very pleased with That Doctor. I could kiss his feet, actually!

There was a lot of internal swelling but otherwise, it was a straight-forward procedure.

Now the penny has (finally) dropped for Mr PB that I might be ever-so-slightly *incapacitated* for the next few days. So plans are (some might say 'belatedly') being hatched about transport and collection of the pixies from school and daycare by my knight-in-shining-armour father-in-law, bless his cotton socks.

We will see what transpires - cross your fingers for us! And thanks so much to you gorgeous Planetarians who have commented, emailed and texted your best wishes for my speedy recovery. You're the best supporters a girl could have!

Now time to get Mr PB help me get the pixies to bed and get my dinner before he has to race off to the school AGM which starts in 10 minutes. That's a little too stressful for me at the moment...
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