Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday snippet: loving my newborn nephew!

Hello, you gorgeous souls. It's been a full day on Planet Baby and my sore hand is tingling madly, nothwithstanding trusty Sabrina's support. So I need to head to bed and rest up, ready to tackle the upcoming week. That means I'll post 'Sunday splendour' tomorrow, okay?

I'll leave you with the tiniest snippet of one of the sweetest moments of my weekend. 
I had the chance to cradle my divine little 10 day old nephew, Lachie. He's the cutest little poppet. He slept all through the cacophony created by the pixies and his big brother. Oh my! Having the pixies so tiny seems a lifetime ago.

I am so blessed to be an auntie again - this makes it 4 times on my side of the family and 14 times on Mr PB's side! Cripes, that's enough to field an AFL team ☺. Seriously, he's the bees' knees. I could drink in that newborn smell forever. 

And on that note, sweet friends, I must away to give my hand a rest. See you tomorrow!
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