Thursday, 26 April 2012

Come sit at my pretty workspace with me!

Good evening, sweet Planetarians! I've been spending quite a bit of time at my desk lately, enjoying the intricate twisting and twirling of my wire as I experiment with techniques in creating words for my upcoming Etsy shop. 

And my clever occupational therapist sister suggested moving our computer onto my desk so I have a better set-up for my poor hand than our old school desk I was using before. So I'm also blogging from here. 

And it occurred to me that you might like to see a few photos of what I look at when I'm sitting here writing to you. What do you think? Interested? Then, let's go!
This is what I see right in front of me - my beaming pixies, sweet Felicity's flutterers, my 'inspire' Liberty creation and my moodboard, Ms Colour. I'll introduce you to her soon, if you'd like!  
Moving to my left, you'll spot some familiar culprits. There's my moodboard, Ms Creativity, which I posted about here.
Then here's my bookcase.
And gorgeous Jennie's presents to me. Note the change of colours, Jennie!
Now let's turn back to face the computer. My Liberty-covered 'hello' makes me smile whenever I see it.
I particularly adore this quotation sent to me by kind Catherine. 
Then moving to my right, you can see my other moodboard, Ms Travel. Want to meet her soon?

I always love seeing where you all blog from. It gives me so much more insight into what makes you tick and what you treasure. I hope you now have more of a *feel* for my special spot. I'll show you the rest of the room soon - I promise!

So, what do you think? Can you picture yourselves sitting here in my seat? Want to show us yours?! Come on - don't be shy!
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