Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Tooth Fairy visits Planet Baby for the first time

Ah my friends, as crazy and stressful as our life is at the moment, there are moments when everything is just simple. Plain simple. No bells and whistles. No money required. Zip, nada, nothing. They're moments we just want to tuck away in our memory banks to be stored for eternity.

We had one of those moments of blessed simplicity last night. I was cleaning Joshie's teeth, as requested (Chief-Teeth-Cleaner should be added to my CV), when suddenly he started laughing. Yep, you guessed it - my vigorous brushing had finally freed that wobbly front tooth which he'd been worrying about for weeks! 

His joy was infectious. Watching his unrestrained joy was a delight. 

Everyone was instantly summonsed to the bathroom to observe and congratulate. India and Sam were so supportive of Joshie, being the first pixie to lead the way in this area! 

The tiny tooth was examined minutely by all and the Photographer (er, that would be me) summonsed to record the momentous event.
So I present the gap-toothed pixie himself! Bless his little cotton socks ☺.
Here's the tooth ensconced in a treasured little pewter boat pill box we gave him for his christening. Just the right size for something so grand!
Here's a close-up, at his request.
And the closed box, with Ratty and Mole from 'Wind in the Willows' atop. 

Then followed much discussion as to how the Tooth Fairy would enter the house. All agreed the boys' chimney would work.

Joshie then placed his box very carefully just next to his pillow so the Tooth Fairy wouldn't miss it.

And then, for the first time ever, all three pixies went out like lights. They all wanted the night to pass quickly.
When morning dawned, our first-born was so delighted to discover a shiny $2 coin in his box (talk about inflation - when Mr PB and I were young, the Tooth Fairy gave us 20c a tooth)! Oh, the joy - all pixies did a lap of honour around the house!

So happiness reigned here for half an hour at least. Before the usual shenanigans started. As they are wont to do...

Now Joshie's waiting impatiently for the one next to it to fall out - my vigorous brushing tonight failed to dislodge it, much to his dismay. I think tomorrow may be the day!
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