Monday, 30 January 2012

Loving The Brave Girls Club - are you?

Hello Lovelies! I'm so tickled that so many of enjoyed another peek at *my room of my own* - thanks for all your encouraging comments. I've just about collated my moodboards - hopefully Mr 3M and Mr PB can reach a little understanding tomorrow and hang them up for me! 

Just a quickie tonight. I absolutely adore the positivity and encouragement I find over at The Brave Girls Club. Remember I mentioned them here? They never fail to inspire me and pick up my spirits when they're flagging. This one has such resonance for me now with all life's uncertainty swirling around us on Planet Baby. See what you think.

Does this *get* where you're at as well? Do share!

PS [Edited on 2 February 2012] Talk about synchronicity! My gorgeous friend, Jennie, over at Posie Patchwork kindly mentioned how I put her onto the Brave Girls Club in her post here the other day. Judging from the response to her post, it looks like a number of other bloggers have joined up to receive the daily emails as well. It's just wonderful to see others sharing in this uplifting site!
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