Monday, 19 December 2011

Miss India turns 4 with a rainbow party

Hello, you 452 gorgeous Planetarians (and hi to those who’ve recently hopped aboard!). Well, we made it. Planet Baby’s birthday party season for Joshua and India is officially over after 3 full parties, 1 playdate and 1 afternoon tea for the grandparents in 3 weeks! Our darling India turned the big-girl-4 a fortnight ago and we celebrated with her daycare and family friends yesterday at home. Here are some snaps of the Carnival of India which ran over the past fortnight!

The big day
Here’s our gorgeous birthday girl up early in her jammies, ready for The Grand Unwrapping of her presents! Hmm, maybe she was getting a cat? What do you think?
This moment of surprise  and delight in her discovery made my spine tingle.
And here’s my baby girl thrilling in A Certain Mother’s handiwork! All in her trademark pink, naturellement!
Here are some bookends, painted with more love.
Then the troops were called in for backup.
Woo hoo! Now India has her own transport to rival Joshie’s! In pink, of course ☺.
The day was spent at home with Sam and me, pottering around and enjoying her presents. Not to mention entertaining us – she’s a card!

We celebrated afternoon tea with the grandparents as you saw here.

The big party

Yesterday we had about a dozen of her friends and their parents and siblings join us for India’s *rainbow party*. Lucky for us, it was a glorious summery day and we were able to party both inside and out.

The decorations
There were rainbow garlands and balloons of every hue.

The attire
The partygoers were suitably bedecked in a multitude of colours.  Here they are, wearing their rainbow riot!
The girls enjoyed their sparkly halos.
And how’s this for a stunning necklace?! Talk about a very stylish mum. Oh, I want to make one!

The food
There were Mr PB’s famous smartie biscuits.
How about some luscious fruit skewers?
Not to mention the old standby, fairy bread.

The craft
The girls loved creating some colourful crafty Christmas confections for their Christmas trees.
The games
There were good old-fashioned pass-the-parcel, ‘Simon says’ and musical chairs. They were all raucously enjoyed.

But the best fun of all was had at Mr PB’s expense.
See these innocent little partygoers, all lined up neatly? Their mission was to throw a beanbag into that soup pot in the foreground. Hmm, it looks like *someone* has struck paydirt! The result…
Well, Mr PB was semi-prepared…
But when your brother-in-law is on a mission, the *rules*don’t always apply! Notice that second sneaky watering can in use ☺.

The cake
Mr PB having changed into dry clothes, Miss India’s big moment then arrived – the Cutting of The Cake!
We attempted yet another *full family shot* before the singing began.
My little girl was quite overcome.
She had some able assistance from her eager brothers with blowing out the candles.
And then came The Grand Cutting of the Cake which revealed…
Meredy’s fabulous rainbow cake! My darling girl was just so delighted, it made my heart go *kaboom*! She’d kept *our secret* so well that it was the complete surprise we’d hoped for. You're a legend, Meredy - thanks so much for the fabulous recipe.

The party bags
Witching Hour then dawning, our brightly-hued guests then departed, their gaily-beribboned party bags clutched firmly in hand.

And then Mr PB and I collapsed. For 5 minutes.

Then Witching Hour began in earnest. But fortunately, after all the day’s exertions, the pixies soon fell asleep, leaving us to marvel that we’d managed to pull it all off and still remain standing ☺. And that, my friends, is a wrap! No more parties until July 2012 – woo hoo!


  1. Wow!!
    Happy birthdays all round.
    You have created such beautiful birthday memories these past few weeks.
    Well done.
    That cake is absolutely amazing and all the other details just gorgeous.
    I love that your children receive such personalised and love fuelled gifts from you.
    I'm sure they'll treasure them - and the emotion behind your handiwork.
    Time for some R & R 4 U!!
    :-) xx

  2. Wow!!!! That is a huge party, and what a season. You must be EXHAUSTED!!!
    Happy Birthday Miss India, and congratulations Jane and Mr. PB. You all look so happy!
    Hope you have a relaxing Christmas coming up :)
    x Rhi

  3. Oh! Your husband is an absolute SWEETHEART! I could hear the kids screaming with delight just through your words :)

    And your handmade love sign? And the look on her face?

    ... literally priceless.

    Well done Mama.

    ... And papa!

  4. Oh how wonderful it all looks, must thank you sooo much for your post on Saturday re the crumb layer of icing I was making my Little Bits 9th Bday cake that day too and didnt realise the crumb factor,,,saved me...thanks again xx

  5. Looks like a fun day, love the rainbow theme!

  6. Love it love it I"m still smiling tee hee what a great looking party India's celebrations sound like my niece she always has a week of party's & she's 23 hee so India may continue the trend :))
    I just have to make that cake honest to god my mouth is watering Jane :))

  7. happy days my love! we are eagerly waiting for the delivery man to bring first born's present from dad and I .... talk about cutting it fine :) cake is a marvel, you look so happy and Indi looks overjoyed with the whole shebang! 10 out of ten parenting mrs and mr PB - le xox

  8. That look fabulous all around - happy birthday season to you all and now on to enjoy the rest of the holiday season...

  9. I hope you and Mr PB enjoyed a nice cold glass of something when the kids had been put to bed, Jane. Kid's birthday parties are exhausting... worth it, but exhausting for Mum and Dad. Throw in the fact that it was the weekend before Christmas and I am in awe! For our family, the 'party every second year' is looking tempting!

  10. oh, and the cake! What a masterpiece!

  11. I adore the rainbow theme, it's just so appropriate for a little girl and so magical. You outdid yourself with the cake and all the crafty gifts it all :)

  12. Jane! What a wonderful day! Everything looks just gorgeous. I'm TOTALLY stealing your idea of the smarties on top of the icing. Love it! Believe it or not, I'm just about to make the rainbow cake myself for Missy Moo's b'day party tomorrow. Thanks for all the rainbow inspiration. Your hubby's a good sport isn't he? Bless his and your cotton socks. Meredy xo

  13. Lovely Jane, I do like the rainbow party idea - and you did it so well. YOu are a busy lady in December!!!

  14. What a gorgeous 4th Birthday! I'm glad you got 5 minutes rest, it's pretty full on as the hosts isn't it! :)

  15. Hi Jane, what a faboulous birthday party, the party table is divine, so much colour, I love your birthday cake, gorgeous. Have a lovely week Jane.x

  16. SUPER, SUPER, SUPER cute party!! Way to go, mama!!! Please tell your princess Happy Birthday for me:))) ~ Barefoot Mama

  17. What a beautiful day and well done on that cake. Happy Birthday India. xo

  18. And a great time was had by all. Do you think you could post the cake (masterpiece) recipe for us?...thanks Jane. I hope the family has a wonderful regards to you and yours...T

  19. Happy birthday to our darling India and well done to you for throwing such wonderful celebrations!

  20. Sorry, that was meant to say "your" darling India - predictive text related typo. Since I'm back, tremendous effort on the cake - I still haven't mastered the art of perfect layers.

  21. Oh Jane, you are amazing! This post just filled my heart with so much joy. The photos are priceless, all so full of expression and glee... they will be looked back on with much fondness for years and years to come.
    Love that Mr PB is such a good sport with the games, the kids would have loved that.
    Your cake is a masterpiece, SO well done :o)
    The family photo is another beauty, such a keeper.
    And as always, your pixies are adorable.
    You and Mr PB have done so well, hope you can now enjoy the festive season and prepare for a well earned rest in the New Year xo

  22. in all my years have I never have fairy bread!!!! It looks amazing!!

    What a truly fabulous looking party....I really smiled looking at all the colours!

    Love the "cat cover" :)

    And Meredy's cake looks FAB....I wanted a fanfare when I made it for a class party, I was ridiculously proud of myself!!! The "reveal" makes it so worth it, doesn't it!!

    Fabulous :) xx

  23. Jane looks like a very happy time was had by everyone. such joyful photos. I am hoping to pull off a rainbow party for my littlest in February. Love Mr PB with his brolly. Fun!And my favourite thing..your beautifully creative wrapping of the bike. Clever you!

  24. Woweeeeeee!

    From the creatively cat-wrapped bike to all the fabulousness that followed - a truly spectacular party for a very special little girl.

    What a wonderful day and I love the photo of the two of you hugging.

    Happy {belated} birthday India and big cheers for all that you achieved to make this day special Jane.

    Biggest of happy hugs,

  25. Jane!!!! It has been way too long since I popped over to say hi... I just loved your last post and what stunning photos! So bright and colourful - your children are building the most wonderful memories!

    So busy here it's crazy. Have had a really manic couple of months topped off by sickness and a trip to emergency for Leo when he smacked his skull... there is never a dull moment i tell you!

    Wishing you and your gorgeous family a wonderful Christmas. No doubt it will be tinged with sadness with missing your Dad, but relish the joy of your children and let their happiness fill up your heart.

    Sending you love as always,
    Ang xxx

  26. Happy birthday to your darling girl. How lucky she is to have such a wonderful Mum who has put together such a wonderful party for her. I love everything - the cake, the good old party games, the decorations. I've always wanted to do a rainbow party so you've given me some great inspiration for the future! x

  27. Could that rainbow cake have been any taller! I really think you've outdone yourself with that one Jane, it looks so amazing.
    I'm just popping by to wish you all a very very merry Christmas. I know it will be tough without your beloved Dad, and I'll be thinking of you. You've had a year of highs and lows, and I just wanted to thank you for all your inspiration as you deal with all that you deal with, and still manage to put on a darn good party!
    Look forward to catching up soon! Amanda xx

  28. Thankyou everyone! Your comments are just too numerous to answer properly. Please know that I have loved reading, and appreciated, every single one! And for those willing to give it a try, do click on Meredy's link for the cake - you'll have a ball ☺. J x

  29. Such a fabulous party, Jane. The look on Ibdia's face says it all. There is no question that all your colorful efforts were totally worth it! x

  30. Ooh, sorry - Ibdia isn't quite as lovely a name as India!! x

  31. Thanks, Bron, you queen of party planners! Yes, after all that colour, I needed to retreat to *my room of own* with its soothing blues and greens for a while ☺. J x


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