Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Concerting and crafting: what's making my heart sing

Well hello, you precious Planetarians! You’re the best bunch a girl could hope to have around. Seriously. I really appreciate your kind, caring and constructive comments on my last post. Looking at it again, I’m not surprised it stressed you out to read it! In keeping with your suggestions, I have *gone gently* since then. I haven’t responded to your comments on my post or emailed personal replies like I normally do – I’m leaving that until tomorrow when I’m pixie-free and only then if I feel like it. Last night I turned off the computer at 10.40 pm – the first time I’ve done that in months. Mind you, I still read my ‘Country Style’ mag in bed for longer than I should have but I’m taking baby steps here . Tonight I thought I’d share two things which have brightened my past week – let’s lighten the mood a little on this planet!
Attending the Seeker Lover Keeper concert

One thing Mr PB and I have noticed since arriving on Planet Baby is how rarely we actually get to listen to music we like. Madness, isn’t it? We have The Wiggles and Playschool CDs on high rotation in the car. At home, well, there’s always so much noise and action around with the pixies that often we just *crave peace* instead of more noise! Hence the lack of *our* music played. But one artist has captivated us in recent years – Australian singer, Sarah Blasko. Her voice is ethereal and transporting, her lyrics moving and thoughtful and her melodies just beautiful. So when I found she was touring Hobart with the delightful and talented Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby as Seeker Lover Keeper, I was *ecstatic*! And my, I wasn’t disappointed.
It was set in the glorious surrounds of St David’s Cathedral which I’ve posted about here. It was also where Dad’s Thanksgiving Service was held on 23 August 2011 so my recent memories of it were still very raw.

The Cathedral was packed. Jam-packed. Such a rare occurrence. And there was such a *buzz of anticipation* in the air, it was all but palpable. After the warm-up act, these three gorgeous songstresses appeared up in front of the Rood Screen you can see above, all beautifully illuminated by spectacular lighting. Strumming their guitars, they then commenced singing a selection of songs from their mutual album as well as their own tunes.

It was mesmerising.

Absolutely transporting.

And so moving! With tears glistening in my eyes as I thought of my Dad, my spirits soared as they sang their glorious harmonies. It was a shame we weren’t allowed to photograph or film it but here’s a photo I took in a break just to capture a *hint* of the brilliant lighting.
I stumbled out into the clear night air, my heart just swelling at having experienced such beauty. What a blessing.

Here’s are a couple of clips to give you some idea of what I experienced – do treat yourself and have a peek!


Following my dear friend Felicity’s suggestion after my last post, I retreated to *my room of my own* and started some crafting. Just for me, for once.

And this, sweet Planetarians, is what resulted.
This is what I started with. Note my choice of my favourite blues, anyone?
I bought the symbol at Typo as it reminded me of blogging. Now I love the colours, the textures and the thrill of having personalised it. Now it’s more *me*, don’t you think?

Here’s the back view for my crafty friends, just to show I like to keep my handiwork neat!
And a little side view, so you can see some of its texture.
Woops! I’m up past my curfew so I’m better zoom to bed. I’d love to hear if any of you are fans of Seeker Lover Keeper as well. Have any of you been to their recent concerts and if so, how did you find them? Do share!


  1. Oh Jane, this is a delightful post. Your description of your night out at the concert had me grinning from ear to ear. Sounded just beautiful. What a treat to attend a concert in a church, I can only imagine how angelic their voices sounded, with the natural acoustics a venue like that provides. Something really special to look back on :o)
    And your gorgeous crafty work, you always seem to have such lovely visions for transforming things. From that plain white symbol, to a glorious piece of work... and all those patterned blues, divine!
    Thank you for sharing Jane, this post certainly satisfied the brief in lightening the mood, hooray! xo

  2. Yay! Yay! Yippety Yay!
    SO happy to read this post with all of its light, bright, beautiful elements.

    What a gift to return to St. David's and have the chance to have your spirit balmed by beautiful music as memories of your darling Dad flowed.

    Confession: This is the first time I've heard 'Seeker, Lover, Keeper' sing even though I've heard 'of' them....and after listening to both pieces that you shared, I'm hooked. Thank you for this gift.

    Your '@' is truly 'you' and will fit fabulously into the special space that you're nurturing within your lovely new home.

    Happiest of happy days gorgeous You - going gently becomes you.

  3. Sounds like it was a lovely evening in a beautiful setting!

  4. you are so @ it Jane. little things that are meaningful just for you.

  5. Oh my I love Seeker Keeper Lover...lucky gal!

    I love your crafting efforts too. Very creative :)

  6. SLK = soooo fabulous. I loved all three artists before they joined up, so it's not surprising I'm a huge fan. SS is the sister of a old friend of mine and she is as gorgeous as her music.

    Gotta read your last post now!! x

  7. Hi Jane! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am thrilled to have found you and to have been found! I have so much to say...but I can't find your e-mail address. Would you please e-mail me? I too love butterflies (see my second-to-last post) and cross-stitch and foreign languages and ...whoa...I think we have found some kindred souls in each other here!

    Jennie @ Still Life With Crockpot

  8. It's so wonderful (and important) for us to find little parcels of lighter joy when it all gets a bit heavy. Good on you for your great perspective, Jane and for knowing it's time to care for yourself.

  9. Your 'at' looks perfectly you from where I'm 'at'! I hope you have another beautiful day tomorrow.

  10. Hi Jane gosh I am so sorry I haven't been across to see your blog for such a long time & have missed so many of your post gosh you haven't stopped you busy girl, I loved the birthday cakes you have been creating & the ribbon covered @ sign gorgeous :))

    I hope you can find time to relax this christmas take care & look after yourself :))

  11. Oh you lovely souls! Thanks for these supportive comments. And I'm delighted to find some more SLK fans out there - you lucky duck, Bron, for knowing Sally Seltmann in person ☺.

    @ Felicity, I'm thrilled to finally 'gift' you something after all you have 'gifted' us this year. Enjoy!

    And @Jennie I've emailed you straightaway - I can't believe how much in common we have!

    J x

  12. Love it.

    Crafting is very soothing.

  13. Hi Jane
    I am so new to all this blog land that I am not sure you received my thank you for my winning present - how special - my husband thought I was a touch crazy when I excitedly opened my gift!!
    I also love SLK and have the album - the first I have bought in years - we are clearly kindred spirits even though I am a grandma (called Bibi - Swahili for grandmother- I think it sounds so much better and younger !!)
    Keep looking after your self and keep blogging -I love it

  14. loving the @ - clever you :) glad your soul is refreshed dear one - le xox

  15. @FF Thanks - great to see you here!

    @Wendy I'm delighted you enjoyed receiving your little parcel. And it's fabulous to find another SLK fan, too.

    And @Le Thanks, I'm working on it! J x

  16. Hi Jane!
    Just wanted to stop by and say HI! I've been meaning to comment for a little while.
    I'm Alex and Lukas' mum (my huz was Josh's soccer coach!) I only recently worked out who you were as you had seemed so familiar when I saw you at school - I'd obviously seen you in the blogosphere :o)
    (I was behind you in the queue at SLK - and wasn't it beautiful!)
    Anyway, I'm glad I finally popped by and introduced my online self!
    Have a fabulous Christmas and holidays x

  17. Hi Jacquie I just found this comment - thanks for the hello! Isn't that funny - I had no idea you blogged as well. That concert was mesmerising - I could have stayed there all night ☺. I hope you're enjoying your holidays. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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