Friday, 30 December 2011

Celebrating Christmas 2011 on Planet Baby

Hello Lovelies! Finally I have a chance to post about our Christmas celebrations – it’s catch-up time . So, I present to you *Christmas 2011 as celebrated on Planet Baby*.
The presents

After rising early, the pixies were excited to discover *just a few* presents under our gorgeous Christmas tree. They set to, ripping them open with gay abandon. 
Joshie had fun playing with Sam’s whizzing and whirring toy.
Miss India discovered a pink hobby horse which neighs loudly when required.
And Sam was thrilled to find some Star Wars Lego, just like his big brother’s!
The tools for the yet-to-be-built-sandpit were enjoyed in noisy style.

The dress

Remember the divine smocked dress India received last Christmas? Well my Mum had her friend make a blue version this year.
India was smitten.
Here's a close-up for you crafty girls. *Sigh*. What utter loveliness.

My sister, her husband and their son then dropped by to spend some precious cousin time together which we all enjoyed.

Unfortunately, Sam started projectile vomiting for the next hour or so, the poor chap, so the others headed off to church to meet Mr PB's parents while we stayed at home. Fortunately, he soon recovered after a sleep.

The food

With my Mum interstate at my brother's and my sister dining at her in-laws', we revelled in our first Christmas lunch as a family in our fabulous new home. Sure, Sammy slept through it and Joshie and India stuck to their usual sandwiches (let’s *so* not go there!) but Mr PB and I enjoyed a feast.
The table was decorated in our favoured crisp blue and white setting. The quirky, mismatched cutlery was given to me by the lovely Rachael for my birthday – it was a treat to use.
Our treasured Villeroy & Boch dinner setting was brought out.
As was my divine German Blaudrück tablecloth.
Crackers were pulled in time-honoured style...
funny hats donned...
and corny jokes read. We were so proud to watch Joshie read them aloud for the first time.
Then the feast began! Now, how about some succulent marinated and barbecued butterflied lamb?
With some fresh roasted and rosemary-encrusted Tasmanian pink eye potatoes, honey-glazed roasted carrots, baby beetroot, fresh tomatoes and rocket? Feeling hungry yet?!
For dessert, we had my no-fail pavlova, topped with scrummy raspberries picked that morning from our garden.
My Mum’s famous fruit-rich and brandy-soaked Christmas cake was delicious. Recognise your little butterfly on top, Tina?

We also enjoyed a Legacy plum pudding with custard (I couldn't find any brandy butter this year!). 
In a family tradition dating back about 80 years, my late grandmother's old thrippences were hidden in the pudding, much to the pixies' delight. Every discovery of one in their mouthful of pudding was loudly proclaimed and the thrippence brandished aloft. Just as I have done every Christmas for all of my life. 
That was when I teared up as I fondly thought of how my Dad would have loved to witness it. And how he would have played his age-old trick of pretending he couldn't finish the last mouthful of his pudding, only to offer it to a youngster who then gleefully discovered a thrippence!
The pixies then adjourned outside to try out their giant bubble blowers. We then drove to Mr PB's sister's house and celebrated with his family there. With witching hour upon us, we headed home to have the pixies fall asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows! 

So, I made it through. Without my darling Dad and missing him terribly but still rejoicing in the blessings of celebrating with our precious little family in our gorgeous new home. I'm sure Dad loved watching us.

And that, my friends, is a wrap! I'll be back tomorrow with more tales to tell. I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas break - what are you all up to?
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