Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday = blue day

Hello you gorgeous Planetarians, all 418 of you (and that reminds me - it must be about time for another giveaway!). I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Yesterday, I managed to slip around to sweet Sarah's and deliver this parcel of love for her 40th (how I *love* wrapping presents!). 
Just a quickie tonight. I thought I'd share with you the results of my painting spree today. Whilst Mr PB and the pixies were weeding and planting vegetables and azaleas in our garden, I was in *my room of my own* transforming some very ugly $2 Officeworks black frames into something much more pleasing to the eye.

This is what I started with. Hmm, not much to look at.
Then, inspired by my little box you saw here with its gradations of blue, I ended up with these.
Then came the fun part - deciding what to fill them with! I had oodles of blue-based ideas stashed away (quelle surprise!). This is what resulted.
And here are the close-ups. 

First, a painted Mason jar with delightful hydrangeas (we're itching to plant many of them at PB HQ).
Then a gorgeous bluebird letterpress card from the talented Tasmanian, Narelle of Ruby Victoria fame.
Then an elegant little mannequin painted by Suzanne Smith and bought at Zazzle.
Followed by a divine greeting card of Australian photographer, Warwick Orme, entitled 'Tuberose twin'.
And the last is another pretty creation of Suzanne Smith I also bought at Zazzle.
I am really looking forward to hanging them up now - they make my heart sing.  It also means we're nearing the end of The Great Unpack if we have time to decorate ☺. Have a fabulous week, my friends.
PS Edited after A-M's comment below. They didn't stay in the garden for long. They soon joined me and painted away, learning to mix colour using my colour wheel. Educational but very messy! I tried to take a photo but our camera battery was flat. Keeping it real here, my friends ☺.


  1. Beautiful - and blue.

  2. Your pictures and frames look absolutely beautiful, well done. x

  3. You Jane, are super clever. They look great! I had to giggle thinking about 'the pixies' out in the garden helping Dad. He would have gotten it all done in twice the time! A-M xx

  4. So clever. I love the hydrangeas picture. Painting a mason jar...who knew?!

  5. Giggling at A-M's comment - too true.

    So pleased to see that that you've had the time, energy and inspiration to create today Lovely You.

    Your special space is certainly becoming a hub of beautiful.

    Happy week ahead.

  6. Jane, pleased to see your 'blue day' wasn't what I thought it was going to be.

  7. Hi Jane,

    You are a very clever lady. They look beautiful and calming. Have a wonderful day! Mimi xx

  8. Gorgeous idea Jane, love the graduating blues and the pics you have chosen are perfect!
    Have a great week my dear,

  9. Fantastic Jane, they look gorgeous!

  10. Your frames are totally gorgeous Jane..I love the images you have placed in them :)


  11. Hi Jane,

    That looks fantastic! You have inspired me to get the paint brushes out.

    KEl x

  12. You know i'm a blue girl!! Love Posie

  13. Dear Jane, The frames look absolutely beautiful - love it when a project comes to life and it looks like this.
    Have a great day sweetie,

  14. They look terrific, Jane. Nothing like creating something that makes your heart sing with your own two hands. x

  15. Hey sweet- there is absolutely nothing like making your space your own...pulling out those treasures you've had tucked away for so long....
    creating those little walls of all things special to you...
    Showing people the *other* side of you- the part that comes from your heart...nothing to do with decorating books- of what's in and what's out- just little moments of what makes up Jane.

    Pixies in gardens does not equal a job all done- it made me giggle too...the last time Ritchie and our three kiddos got into the garden together- they had a bonfire- I'm not joking- you are still allowed to *burn off* in the UK- esp in the countryside here- Autumn sees a lot of leaves- boy did they have fun! Nothing really done though!
    Bless daddies!!

    Melissa xx

  16. Those frames look fantastic, and such lovely images too.
    Have a great week

  17. Fantastic bunch of blues! I hope you're going to give us a gander when they go up on the wall? I really like your choice of blue prints..{as opposed to blueprints}.

  18. Can't beat blues - so soothing, calming and fresh. I'm so glad that your post was about crafting with blue...
    Oh, and I'm envious about the hydrangeas - love them.

  19. These are fantastic! Good job ^_^ that watercolour image in the last frame is lovely. I keep forgetting its spring time where you are. The blues are just delightful!

  20. The blues, the blues, always a good rhythm...
    x Iris

  21. You had me at blue. the end. xx

  22. Oh Jane, just catching up on your posts... this series of blue is absolutely beautiful! What a clever crafter you are. So nice that you had a bit of time to yourself to create... even if it was slightly invaded in the end. Gorgeous memorable value now that your pixies played a part in it though :o) xo

  23. Thanks, everyone - so glad to find some more blue fans out there! J x

  24. Blue is THE best colour. Definitely my favourite!

  25. Ah, another fan, Gina! J x

  26. I love this Jane! I tooam a 'bowerbird' drawn to all things blue and your graduated blue frames are perfect. I love all the pieces you've displayed too x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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