Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The return of my crafting mojo!

Hello Lovelies! I've had a rather long day, tending to Miss India who is feverish and rather poorly, the little darling. I suspect another endless night lies ahead of us on Planet Baby. Thank goodness Mr PB is on deck, ready to tend to the pixies, as per usual (a long story I must post about one day). Before I turn in, I just wanted to share with you a few little creations which my fingers have crafted in recent days. After the utter desolation I've felt recently, it's been wonderful to find some distractions to take my mind to a more positive place. And that place, sweet Planetarians, feels comforting and satisfying as I see something tangible and made-by-me. So here are a few of the little projects which have appeared.

I started off gently, just playing around with an old friend, Miss Divine Twine, to get me started. To inspire me to make something. And oh! I have such a *thing* for wooden bobbins - do you too?
Then I whipped out some of my treasured stash of washi tape as Mr PB and Miss India were renovating her dolls-house and required some bunting. 
After 5 minutes of work, here's my first effort at making bunting. Ever. 
As I said, I'm taking it gently, my friends! Just working up to the real fabric kind...The dolls-house came up a treat, too.

My washi tape then took on a mind of its own. It did this to some battered old cake tins. They look quite spruce now, don't you think?
Here's what the larger one looked like before its makeover. Just so you believe me!
We can't put them in the dishwasher or leave them soaking in water, mind. I haven't yet worked out whether I should Mod Podge them to make them waterproof. Any ideas, you clever minxes out there? For now, we're just hand-washing them.

Then my itchy hands started tinkering around with some washi tape and those paint chips. I pulled out a box which had contained a present the lovely Catherine had given me and set to. After about 15 minutes, this is what resulted.
It's such a nifty size, perfect for storing business cards and the like. The gradation of blues makes my heart sing, of course ☺. Here's a view from the top.
Then I picked up my paint brushes and prettied up the little wooden kit boats I bought for the pixies at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival back in February. I gathered my supplies.
About an hour later, these three little beauties were all lined up, ready for a race in the bath. 
Well they will be, once I've worked out how to waterproof them - varnish anyone?

And to finish up, I collected all the envelopes sent to me in your big box of bloggy love and punched out circles.
I'm going to finally rig up my mother-in-law's sewing machine (which she lent to me months ago and I haven't touched) and make them into a garland. Then I'll have yet another tangible reminder of how much joy this little bloggy caper brings me.

And now to bed. Hmm, time to post an update on my bloggy rehab...


  1. Oh Jane, I see this creativity as a very good sign of your more contented self starting to return. Well I hope it is anyway. I think the crafting may help to distract you, allowing you to feel happier and in turn you will continue crafting more and more because you are happier. Quite the cycle.
    That mini dollhouse bunting is the sweetest thing I've seen, so gorgeous.
    The cake tins and box look sensational, with the splashes of blue and white all over.
    The little boats are also divine. Your pixies will delight in playing with those, especially as they were made for them with love :o) xo

  2. When you getting going, you're a gorgeous crafting machine!!
    Those blues are so striking.

  3. hooray for the crafting mojo - nothing better than emersing yourself in an activity!
    Lovely makes - especially like the bunting (natch!)
    fee x

  4. Wow Jane, you have been busy! It must be good for the soul, you have a nice momentum up.
    I hope India is feeling better :)

  5. Nothing like some time painting, crafting, creating, to take your mind off things and give your head some quiet space to just be. Just what the doctor ordered I expect :) Love your goodies, you clever girl - especially those cake tins! Take it easy my friend, K xx

  6. Loving those cake tins! Loving it all really.

  7. LOVE your graduated blue box, very creative. And the bunting is cute. I made a circle paper garland back for Grace's 1st birthday and it's still hanging in our home, can't wait to see yours in all it's gorgeous 'Jane' shades :) Hope India is on the mend soon, all nighters are never fun xx

  8. Poor India..hope she is feeling better soon :)

    Jane I love your crafty endeavours!! Those cake tins look amazing and the washi tape bunting is quite charming...hooray for getting your crafty mojo back :)


  9. How your cherub is feeling better soon and I so love your craft creations. Lovely xx

  10. I hope she feels better soon! I love your craft-fest :) It all looks amazing & what a great idea to make a garland with the envelopes!! XOLaura

  11. You have been so busy!!! It all looks so amazing! Those little garlands are so sweet! I can imagine them in a little dolls house! X

  12. Yay! I'm thrilled to see you being so creative.

    There are so many lovelies amongst these new treasures but your box of blue is really fabulous!

    I hope that by the time you receive this that India is feeling much better and all the Pixies and their parents have a good night's sleep.

    Waving from across the sea.

  13. Everything looks great Jane. I especially love the little washi tape bunting. Will have to make one too I think. Crafting is a lovely outlet isn't it?

  14. Get well wishes to your India. I love it that you've been crafting. the cake tins look fabo. I heard that modpodge isn't waterproof, maybe splashproof. I seal my canvases with it though. i reckon it might go a bit slippery and gluggy when wet. Let me know! Jane x

  15. Lovely Jane. They are so cute. You can use real furniture varnish in a high gloss for your tin. It will need a few coats though, but will be able to have a light tub then =0)
    Im happy to hear you have your crafty mojo back...if you run out, I have plenty right now!
    Ness xx

  16. Good on you Jane!! Now you know why i am a full time crafter, the best & most positive distraction to all the other things going on in my life which i can not control (dementia, war) & needing to maintain my happy place & balance in the world. Much love, Posie

  17. I'm so happy for you Jane, nothing more fullfilling than doing something you enjoy to help keep your mind off other things not so kind. Love this post. Put a little card on my blog for you to just say thank you for just being you!! Hope you have a lovely day

    Always Wendy

  18. Super cute crafting going on over at your place, Jane. Love the bunting and the cake tin makeovers especially. You've a real eye for colour too. Take care xx

  19. hope your little pixie is feeling better! Love all of your craft projects - you are motivating me to get my crafting mojo going! :)

  20. Thanks ladies, for the encouragement. Baby steps as I say but it's fun to derive satisfaction from creating things. It feels like a positive, life-affirming thing to do - just what I need right now.

    Thanks for the varnish tip, Ness - I'll give it a go. J x

  21. You have been a very busy bee:) It's wonderful to see you get your creating mojo back, I'm so pleased. I bet you feel great for getting into your special space and made all of those wonderful things. I love that bunting and what you did with the box from my gift to you:) I hope you are having a wonderful week lovely. xo

  22. Hope everyone is back
    to healthy soon on PB!
    So happy that your crafts
    soothe your soul. You
    have a great eye for what
    is beautiful and it is no
    wonder that creating brings
    you peace. That bunting is
    beyond adorable and YES,
    I love wooden spools!
    xx Suzanne

  23. Go you clever crafty clogs wearer! x

  24. Boy, you really have been on a crafting spree..that creative mojo is back with avengance. Good for you! I love those little tiny doll's size bunting strings..charming.

  25. Oh Jane, my sweet friend, thanks a bunch! I made an extra note on the bottom of the post, linking to your tutorial.
    Glad to see you made lovely things, (have to steal the bunting one for Zoe's upcoming bday, perhaps for Noa's too) hope you feel you are getting in calmer waters, so to speak, gotta run now, but will come back to read the other post I have missed, so behind in my blog reading....
    hugs, Maureen xx

  26. Ah thanks, my friends. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. It makes me smile. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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