Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday splendour: 29 May 2011

My goodness, hasn’t Blogger been a bad boy again this week? We’ve been unable to comment on each other’s posts, our followers gadgets have gone MIA – what is going on at Blogger HQ? Hmm. Anyway, we’re *inching* closer to finalising our Monopoly game on Planet Baby. Still no tenant for the rental house (no one even attended the inspection yesterday!), we settle on our new house tomorrow and sell our Sydney apartment in a fortnight. In between the craziness and packing, here are some splendid moments from my week.

*I feasted upon* this scrumptious raspberry macaron with a delicious hot chocolate with gorgeous fellow blogger, Sarah from Molly’s Maison, at Sweet Envy in North Hobart. We had such a fabulous time, catching up on what’s going on in both our lives and yours – we could have talked for hours about Blogland and everything you all get up to!
Here’s Sarah’s heavenly cupcake which she posted about here – isn’t it the prettiest thing?
* I discovered* this charming and delicate porcelain butterfly bangle made by the extraordinarily talented Australian ceramic artist, Pattie Murray.
Isn’t it just exquisite? Treat yourselves by looking at her online shop here for more of her  Southern Ice Porcelain. This is definitely going on my wishlist. Are you reading this, Mr PB?!

* I enjoyed* sending off these little beauties to the winner of my giveaway, gorgeous Janette from My Sweet Prints.
I had such pleasure in wrapping them – it’s high time I posted about my passion for this little pastime!

* I created* a little bluebird for a precious friend of mine. Well, that’s ‘created’ in the loosest meaning of the word! Remember those sweet little white birdies I posted about here? I bought another one, selected one of my favourite shades of blue and my trusty paintbrush and set to work.
Soon this…
became this little darling.
She delighted me so much, I’m going to paint one for myself, ready to place in my *room of my own* in our new house – the anticipation is building!

* I read this* brilliant post Stop waiting for ‘perfect’: 5 ways to attain happiness now’. Just the thing for a recovering perfectionist like me! Point 2 about ‘becoming your own person’ particularly resonated with me. And point 4 about doing things for myself is particularly apt – you know that, my friends!

* I watched* my gorgeous boys revel in their brotherliness amongst the autumn leaves. This has to be one of my favourite photos. Ever.
And I was blessed to have a rare photo alone with my precious girl.
Happy days indeed, sweet Planetarians! So, let’s see what surprises this week brings for me. Tomorrow I collect the keys to our new house – woo hoo! Let’s hope a tenant snaps up this rental house so we can start The Big Move….
PS Thanks to those kind souls who have voted for me in the Kidspot Top 50 bloggers competition. Given everything going on at the moment on Planet Baby, I've told the organisers I won't be competing for the Top 5. I have enough on my plate! I wish the best of British luck to my fellow bloggers who are still in the hunt and thank them for enjoying the ride with me.


  1. What a delicious post, complete with your beautiful pictures. Aren’t autumns leaves the best!

  2. Oh what a sweet week for you Jane!! I had such a lively time too and am looking forward to next time. I'll make sure I have some foxgloves for your new garden :)
    What a pretty bangle- it's so up your alley!
    Those piccys of your children are precious!
    Have another likely week. I hope the big move isn't too stressful xx

  3. Whoops, I meant lovely, not lively- though I suppose it was both! X

  4. One of your greatest gifts to the world darling Jane is your capacity to bring joy to others and it's quite obvious that this week you have done plenty of this. How absolutely darling is that little blue bird, I'm sure she's singing a sweet song in her new home - she does look like a girl right?

    Your photos of the boys and you with Miss India are truly special and I am so pleased for all on Planet Baby that you are so much closer to being in your wonderful new home together.

    Best wishes for a smooth week to come,

    xx Felicity

  5. I love your posts where you chat about your week. I have a feeling your rental house will be snapped up this week by someone to take over your lease. Have a lovely week...

  6. So glad there were so many "bright spots" in your week.

  7. Love these posts about your week Jane :) So many gorgeous things! I love that you and Sarah were talking about blog world, I had a similiar dinner with a fellow blogger the other night and it was fun to have someone to talk about all our mutual "friends" with. Love the blue you used on your bird, your wrapping is beautiful (lucky Janette!) and the pictures of your kids are sooo gorgeous. Definately framers! xx

  8. Oh Sweet Envy is my favourite place to take visitors and I just adore their macaroons - yum! How exciting to be picking up the keys to your new house so soon - I hope everything falls into place with the rental property. Gorgeous gorgeous photos of your children too.

  9. I love sweet envy yummy!! Gorgeous photos of you and pixies and autumn xox

  10. What a sweet little blue bird... and that cupcake... *drools*

  11. Oh Jane, so many lovely things in this post. The butterfly bangle is divine... and something I would definitely like for myself ;o)
    The sweet treats looked delish... how I love a pretty cupcake!
    I must admit I was a little freaked out when I saw you had painted a white bird blue... of course I think it looks beautiful, BUT just the other day, my Mama and I saw little white birds like that when shopping in MYER's homeware section and we were talking about painting them blue... so the dust didn't show as much! hahaha! Great minds indeed :o)
    Gorgeous pics of your pixies! The one of you and your little lady is frame worthy! Have a great week Jane xo

  12. pure sweetness in this post Jane! loving the pic of you, such a happy smile.
    congrats on the move, yay! happy days for you all ♥

  13. Oh my, that bangle is SO you!! Love it! It must have been so nice to catch up with Sarah in person. Love all the photos you've posted and those birds are adorable!! Thanks for your words of encouragement on my post this morning, I'm Googling bed rails as we speak :)

  14. Hi Jane, love this post...missed your blog a lot...
    Hope u have a great week

  15. How exciting to have those keys in your hot little hand Jane. I can only imagine that rollercoaster this week. Hang on tight!!
    And how lovely to meet up with Sarah. How could you possibly contain yourself to just one macaron? I always feel I could munch on them as if they were chippies, given half a chance.
    Have a great week. Will look forward to your updates. xx

  16. I love reading your Sunday posts and seeing what you have been up to. The little blue bird is so sweet. Such a beautiful colour. Until next Sunday. Chamaine

  17. Those last two photos are just beautiful. Wonderful captures of life.

  18. OH you must have got the keys by now!!I hope you are celebrating it :)What a lovely post and photograph of yourself and your little treasures.
    I hope the rental aspect will sort itself out soon for you.
    Have a great week, must be exciting your dream home is coming through!
    Sandrine xx

  19. Such a great post Jane - and what an amazing pair of pictures - you all look gorgeous, Have a great week dear Jane.
    A x

  20. Love that bracelet, your bird is beautiful. Such a lovely post.


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