Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday splendour: 1 May 2011

Ah, my lovely Planetarians, all 323 of you! You have no idea how much I have appreciated all your warm, generous and caring expressions of support over the past few weeks as I’ve worried about my Dad’s health. You have lifted my spirits when I thought nothing else could. Thankyou, you kind-hearted bunch – you’ve reminded me, yet again, why I love this bloggy caper so much! Thinking about writing this post has really helped me focus on the more pleasant parts of my week.

*I feasted upon* the most scrumptious boeuf bourguignon pie at a rare lunch alone with Mr PB at our-soon-to-be-local-French-patisserie Jean-Pascal! It was just luscious. I’m going to post about this little slice of heaven very soon in detail. To think that it will only be a 5 minute stroll from our house…

Oh, and on Friday night we toasted to the future happiness of the newly-minted Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with a bottle of Tasmania’s finest bubbles, Jansz.
* I discovered* this delightful idea from Le Papier Studio.
I know! It’s another silhouette item (I *promise* to stop now) but I just adore the wistfulness of it. And at $USD35 for a personalised family memento, I think it’s well-priced. I recently bought Vana Chupp’s fabulous book Silhouette Art which I am looking forward to using once we’re settled into our new house. Can’t you just see me in my room of my own, whipping up something like this for Planet Baby?!

* I enjoyed* finding these darling little porcelain birdies when in Magnolia Flowers buying flowers for my Dad. I just bought one at first. But then I realised that 3 pixies = 3 birdies so I returned and bought another pair. I’m so pleased I did. The pixies adore them.
I can just see them sitting on the kitchen window sill in our new house, can’t you? For now, they’re perched on our bedroom window ledge, as photographed by Joshua.
* I created* some colourful little bottles for the pixies and me using Sam’s old baby food jars. I can’t believe I’m even admitting to this, it was so ridiculously simple! However, after reading darling Tina’s blog for so long now, I’m starting to feel her influence is rubbing off on me – I am starting to see how I can transform the mundane into something pretty. Here’s the end result.
And these are the things I used to make one – once the jar had been emptied, of course!
I used De-Solv-it (a wonder product) to remove the sticky residue left by the label and then starting taping away with my favourite washi tape. All done in 5 minutes! And yes, you caught me – I did end up buying the French tape I posted about here ☺. Oh, and Miss India is very fond of the mini clothes pegs I covered with tape as well. She has placed an order for some pink ones!

* I read this* fabulous post at The Design Files which featured Hobart all last week (I highly recommend you read Lucy’s intriguing series of posts about Hobart).
Hobart walking guide
This cute little map highlighting some of my favourite Hobart haunts is just brilliant – small enough to print off and pop in your pocket when you next come to visit us on Planet Baby! Older Planetarians will recognise some of the shops mentioned from my posts about Love & Clutter, The Maker and Salamanca Market (here, here, here and here).
Found here
Inside is where I ogle at the scrumptious Cavallini & Co stationery and Elk Accessories necklaces.
Found here
And Store & Co is my greatest treat to visit – now, finally we’ve bought our new house, I can actually start building up my wishlist of purchases. Ooh, look at those ribbons, the French jugs, the vintage maps, the cushions! Sigh…

* I watched* my baby boy have his very first haircut! With his 2nd birthday looming and his angelic curls almost past his shoulders, we knew the time had come. Remember how I posted about his curls here? Look at them, just before they were cut off. Oh, my curly-whirly boy!
I just love the look of shared anticipation on the pixies’ faces before the cut commenced.
I’m sorry to leave you hanging to see the grand reveal but I haven’t been able to keep him still enough since then to snap a photo! It’s on my to-do list ☺. Oh, and I kept his curls in an envelope to put in his baby book! Have a wonderful week, sweet Planetarians.


  1. Thanks for sharing your
    week! Loved being part
    of the big moment, at
    the end!!! So cute!
    We are celebrating here
    in the U.S. today....I
    so long for a world that
    has more good and less
    evil for our children!
    xx Suzanne

  2. Hi Jane, your pixies are adorable, wonderful photos of yours! It looks like your little boy enjoyed getting his hair cut. When I was little I didn't like haircuts at all, so after while my Mum had to cut big nests out of my hair...
    Oh, and thanks for sharing your nice shop find. Store & Co with this lovely cushions is one of my favorites... Wish we had such individual stores around here... Sending you a big hug!

  3. So much loveliness Jane... the birdies are my favourite! So sweet. And I loved the jars - I have a whole stack of them that I use to store all sorts of bits and pieces in (I'll have to do a post on them too!).

    Lots of love
    Ang x

  4. so many milestones! i'm glad to see someone who celebrated the royal wedding in style! yes! and a first haircut is so, so special! i also love, LOVE what you did with those jars! goodness, jane, your creativity overwhelms me with inspiration!

  5. Splendiferously splendid my friend!

    Your little birdies silhouetted against the sky is my favourite photo in this bunch [nice one Joshie] closely followed by Tsunami Sam having his curly whirly locks lopped for the first time.

    A week of simple loveliness to treasure indeed.

    xx F

  6. Just lovely. Love that silhouette print.. lovely. None of my kiddos have had haircuts yet but it's a moment I look towards in trepidation! But your boy sitting up there is SO cute. Can't wait for the big reveal.

  7. Ah what lovely pleasures!!
    How cute are those birds? and your boy getting his locks cut, I always hestiate with ours as well.
    Enjoy your week Jane

  8. Oh love Cavallini & Co, especially as i get it wholesale, oh yes, LOVE & excitement. Love Posie

  9. So pleased you've found much splendiferous this week Jane - and thanks for your email. I was fearing the worst when it was just 'appearing' that your blog post hadnt changed. Whew. xx

  10. Congratulations on the new house - looking forward to seeing all the new little bits and pieces that you buy for it to make it your new home. Am sure the pixies are excited about it too - new bedrooms!

  11. Jane, you are seriously fast tracking your crafting skills - loving your creations my friend. Keep up the great creativity and joyfulness! Naomi x

  12. I love those curls...can't wait to see the reveal soon. Love, Emma.

  13. Hi
    Love the silhoutte. Just getting this today. Leigh

  14. Jeepers what a post! I've got lots of links to go back and click on. I love love love those birds!! You also did an excellent job with those washi tape jars. Your wee boys curls are so cute.. I was just thinking I'd keep them too. I had a bf a few years ago who had the most beautiful curly hair.. Natural ringlets. My fingers were always running through it. Ur wee one is so cute! Glad you emailed about the reader problem / they're not showing in bloglovin either xo

  15. Awww that pic of your pixies at the hairdresser is total sweetness. Beautiful children :o)
    You have been so busy, it all sounds wonderful... especially that french patisserie... Mmmmm!

  16. Oh those curls! I remember that first haircut.... sigh.... I LOVE those jars! They look fantastic! I wish I had those shops close by! Those birds are super cute and will look amazing in the window of your new home! X

  17. I love the pretty jars you made and the birds are gorgeous. I enjoyed The Design Files articles on Tasmania last week.

  18. Those curls!! I can't comment on anything else, not even your birdies. x

  19. Thanks, everyone. I'll post a photo of Sammy soon - my tiny baby is no more, replaced by a little boy! He's so proud of himself.

    I am still giggling at your enthusiastic responses to my little jars. If I can make them, then anyone can! Just treat yourselves to some washi tape ☺. J x

  20. Ever since I spied that walking map on The Design Files I've loved it...

    Ps: I have a super sweet giveaway that I think you'll love. If you have a moment, stop by:

  21. Hi Clare Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that map is a ripper. J x


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