Saturday, 30 April 2011

A glorious giveaway for my 300+ precious Planetarians

Ah, Lovelies, all 321 of you! This week has been ever-turbulent, as my Dad fainted and fell in hospital, injuring himself, certain unnamed pixies had doozies of tantrums, Mr PB had the whole week off, the Royal Wedding proved a fabulous and uplifting pageant and I bought some more words and fabric from Spotlight as I felt further inspired to create. So many of you have left the kindest and most heart-warming comments here and on Facebook, leaving me a little overwhelmed at the goodness you all show me. Daily. Thankyou.

So finally, both to lift my mood and especially as so many more Planetarians have recently hopped aboard (the warmest of welcomes to you special people), it’s high time I had a little giveaway to celebrate reaching 300 Planetarians, as promised. Hooray! So, here’s what I’ve squirreled away in recent weeks for your delectation (hmm, the logophile in me loves that word!).
It’s a mix of pretties I’ve blogged about before, things I like to wear, some ribbons and stationery. You know, some of the things which make my heart sing!

Okay, let’s get close up with my little purchases for you. Let’s start with the gumball necklace made by my lovely Hobart friend Edwina of Little Snoring which I posted about here.
I adore wearing mine. And Sam hasn’t managed to destroy it. Yet!
Now let’s turn to clever Rebecca Roth’s gorgeous green resin bangle. I’ve posted about them here and here, remember? I have about 6 of them in green, blue and black. I wear them most days. They’re so delightfully smooth yet rough and organic, each unique. Oh, and for the locals, look at what little treat I found for you at Rebecca’s shop this week! I’m not sure how long the sale will last so hop over there lickety-split, if you’re keen!
Then here’s a little honeysuckle-coloured, cloth-covered and lined notebook from Officeworks which I have decorated with some of Planet Baby’s signature butterflies. What say you, my fellow stationery fiends?!
Now here’s another lined notebook, this time from Typo, featuring a marvellous map of New York.
After Kerry’s recent trip there, I’d love to be walking those streets, not just gazing at them. Sigh.

And to finish, here are a couple of my handmade little ribbon holders, just like the ones you saw on my mood board, but in white. With some of my favourite blue grosgrain and checked ribbon, naturellement! Oh, and replete with some more PB butterflies.
And in true Planet Baby style (after my last giveaway), there will also be prizes for the second and third names drawn. I’ll keep them as surprises.

Terms and conditions

So, here’s the fine print (that’s the lawyer in me talking!):

1. If you're a Planetarian, leave a comment and you're in, like Flynn (hmm, remind me to tell you about Errol Flynn’s Hobart upbringing one day).

2. If you're not already, become a Planetarian by clicking on the little Google Friend Connect button in my sidebar and follow the prompts.

3. You get an extra entry for:

- blogging about it;

- linking to it; and

- putting it in your sidebar.

Just leave a comment for an extra entry to be awarded in each case.

4. This offer is open worldwide to all my fellow Planetarians. Yes, the pixies will happily help me lick enough stamps to post it anywhere.

5. The giveaway will close at on Friday 20 May 2011 at 6 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time so overseas Planetarians please take that into account) and will be drawn by the pixies from the Ceremonial Planet Baby Gumboot.

So, dive in and enter! I can’t wait to send these little packages winging their way around the world.


  1. Yippedy yey - what a happy day, 300+ Planetarians & counting.

    Please add my name into the hat, my fingers are crossed for all this loveliness to wing its way to my mailbox.

    xx Felicity

  2. I've added this gorgeous giveaway to my sidebar too.
    xx F

  3. 300...a very nice number Jane :)
    Thanks for the mention...that was kind x
    And I do think that NY notebook is an absolute cracker!

  4. Lovely Giveaway Jane... I have posted on the Little Snoring F'book page. Congrats on the tri-centennial?

  5. how could i possibly resist Jane? thanks for the opportunity :)

  6. Hey this is great sweet Jane, of couse I am in!!!
    xx Iris

  7. What a stunning package of loveliness Jane. The bangle is really lovely (thanks for the sale tip too!).

    I do hope your dear dad is ok...

  8. Congrats on the 300th post Jane a-n-d all those heavenly followers. Well deserved really as you do have a wonderful blog.. Count me in as a follower...

  9. Congrats on the 300th post Jane and yes i would love to be in..count me :)

    p.s i am also a follower here as you may already know that lol xox

  10. I had been wondering if your dad was ok and hoping the lack of updates on reader didn't mean that things had gone downhill. I never thought to come direct to check for new posts. Hopefully reader will get back working again asap!

  11. Great giveaway Jane! Sorry to hear about your Dad's faint - I hope he's recovering well enough and not too shaken by it. And doozie tanties are tiring (for the parents) aren't they?

    As for Errol Flynn - I'm not sure if you realise, but he was born in a house across the road from where Emma Burgess now lives!! One in from Warwick Street on the Elizabeth Street side of the road.

    Can't wait to see the reveal of Sammy's haircut - I just love the transformation from baby to boy after that first cut! It's hard for Mum's to loose the curls but a stylish cut will get the girls!!

  12. What a wonderful giveaway! Love your sons old curls - my son had a haircat recently and i find myself looking at him twice sometimes as it makes such a difference.

  13. What a fantastic giveaway. I'm a follower

  14. Just face booked about your giveaway (which i am always hesitant to do - because then i have less chance of winning) - but i do want to share your lovely blog. Ah catch 22!

  15. Thanks for the email alert Jane! Hope Google starts behaving for you! Love that green bracelet! Has my name on it, right?!
    xo Cathy

  16. A lovely thoughtful giveaway and very happy to be one of the new followers.

    Blessings to your family and your father.

    Hope the settlement on the house is working out as planned and not too stressful.

    Have a lovely week
    xo jill

  17. Beautiful giveaway, Jane. Congrats on hitting 300!!

  18. Count me in please Jane.
    In the midst of dust and cows, horses and dogs, I often long for a little prettiness! Can picture myself in an open-necked white blouse and that colourful necklace!
    Do hope your technical problems are resolved swiftly.

  19. Oh look at all those delightful things..just gorgeous!!

    300+ followers...YIPEE :)

  20. Oh lovely giveaway, sharing the love, that's what you're all about, thanks Jane, love Posie

  21. How fabo to get to 300. I'm a newbie here but I like it a lot!

  22. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway xox

  23. Mmmmm, yummy,
    count me in, please!
    So sorry you had a
    rough week; sending
    you GOOD thoughts for
    this one, especially
    for your dad!
    xx Suzanne

  24. And I am a follower.
    Probably #125 or
    something like that : ) !!
    xx S.

  25. Great giveaway Jane - would love to win your goodies!! x

  26. Jane,
    I've been thinking of you.
    Please enter me in your give-away.
    I am a follower.

  27. It all looks delicious! Love the bangle the best :)
    Can't believe I nearly missed this post, damn Google! Hope it's all sorted for you now. xx

  28. What a lovely collection of goodies you have put together to celebrate a fabulous milestone! I have just reached this magic number too but haven't done a thing to celebrate (my poor gang has to put up with my under-celebration tendencies!). Here's wishing you many more fabulous blogging moments at Planet Baby x

  29. Congrats on 300+
    and yay! what a gorgeous lot of lovelies!! I would so love to win it all!!!

  30. Jane, you are so adorable... I can imagine you chatting exactly how you write, it's a pleasure to read :o)
    What a lovely giveaway. Beautiful touch adding the butterflies to the officeworks notebook... they look perfectly matched, like they were just meant to be on there ;o)

  31. Hi Jane,
    Well, count me in! Love your choice of gifts and that notebook from New York is super!
    Gotta run, it seems I have a week of errands to do, hope your dad is recovering soon for the better, hugs sweetie!
    Maureen x
    (oh, and a special gumboot for give aways? nice!)

  32. LOVELY giveaway Jane -congrats on the 300 mark - hoping to win all this Daisy just spied them all out of the corner of her eye and said "oooh lovely necklace. And Butterfly book! And map!"

  33. Ohh.. Pretty! I love pretty things and stationary things.. and well you're blog seems to be all of them.. so I've officially become a new planetarian!... and I got here from a linky from one of these days I'll start a blog.. I have so much going on in my head.. but today's not that day :-)
    From one Mummy to another.. have an amazing day!

  34. Oh look at all those lovelies! Fingers crossed!

  35. Yay for 323 followers, I am really enjoying your posts Jane.
    I am a 'Planetarian'.
    Melinda x

  36. Hi Jane, what a great giveaway. So many yummy things!! I'd love to be counted in :)
    ps will have yo email you- hope you can still catch up on Monday?

  37. HOW DID I MISS YOUR GIVEAWAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    Here I am now. Thank you Cate! x

  38. Please count me in Jane!!! What a wonderful giveaway, very very lovely things indeed!

  39. This is such a "Jane the person" giveaway - beautiful things, I especially love that bangle. Thanks for the chance. x

  40. Pleasde include me in your giveaway. They look truelly wonderful. Thinking of your Dad and also counting down to the big move, good luck.
    Jo xxx

  41. Count me in, lovely Jane!

  42. Hi Jane, I've just stumbled across your blog! We also are in process of moving, have brought the new abode, but still trying to sell the current one! great for the stress levels, thankfully have very nice bank manager who in a month's time when we have possession will gladly take lots of dosh from us each week! Also enjoyed your "why blog" post as I'm a newbie to this game, still dipping my toes in!

  43. I thought of you just moments ago when I saw Jules' latest post at The Diversion Project... she has posted artwork of ladies by the pool and one is wearing a necklace with a little green bow that looks suspiciously like the one above. Love it... gxo

  44. how fab - I am in - thanks sweetie - this is such a set of yumminess :) best le xoxo

  45. These are gorgeous, what great taste you have :) Congrats on 300+ followers!

  46. Ah, you lovely Planetarians! I'm so pleased you like the look of the little treats I've found for you. They're sitting here in front of me, pleading for a new owner ☺. Hmm, I'd better ensure they don't get packed away before the giveaway ends! J x

  47. Hello
    Found my way here through Edwina's posts on fb
    Cute site - and great giveaway:-)

  48. I am waving as your newest follower. What a sweet giveaway. I especially love the bangle. Stay safe and warm. smiles

  49. Look at you giving away pressies for your Planet stalkers. Thanks. :-)

  50. I think I thought I'd already entered... I have now though! Thanks for your generosity!

  51. Congratulations on your 300 and I'm a Planetarian now, too!

  52. In true Jane style, the're all divine!
    A wonderful giveaway indeed.
    And I can enter legally now too.
    I hope you've had a lovely day. x

  53. OH Jane I am defo a planetarian - what a lovely giveaway - would adore to enter this. Hope you have a great day sweets, and that your papa is ok!!
    Love from
    A xx

  54. Hi Jane! Thanks very much for the chance to enter your giveaway - it looks wonderful. I am a new reader and have enjoyed reading some of your thoughts - thank you!

  55. These are darling treasures, Jane. A gumball necklace, I love love the name already! Enjoy your gorgeous giveaway and do enjoy the weekend too o xx o

  56. Ah, ladies, so happy you're all in with a chance. The winners will be announced tomorrow...J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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