Saturday, 23 April 2011

Market love: Salamanca Market

Ah, lovely Planetarians, this week has been gruelling. In a topsy-turvy, not-knowing-what’s-going-to-happen next kind of way. Your compassion and support about my ailing Dad has been heart-warming – you have helped buoy my spirits when little else could. Thank you. We haven’t been given a prognosis yet but I fear it will be short. I am trying to be present and in the moment when I’m with him. Then I return, blinking back tears, to the pulsing vitality of Planet Baby to change a nappy or sort out a territorial dispute, back to the relentlessness of life with the pixies. However, thanks to Mr PB, I have managed to steal away occasionally, to wander around on my own and delight in some distraction from my reality. So how about you join me at Salamanca Market again for some more treats! Are you up for another jaunt?

Let’s stop by Cube (Art + Design) for some more Rebecca Roth resin goodness. Last time, we peeked at her fabulous felt brooches and resin bangles. Now let’s look at her divine riot of colour in these rings. Look at the different shapes and textures. They feel so smooth and organic to touch – a sensory treat.
These floral rings take my fancy (I own green and blue ones – quelle surprise!).
And here’s a bangle which might remind some of you of the Great 100s and 1000s incident on Planet Baby!
Now let’s step outside into the Market proper – how about scooping up some armfuls of these vibrant autumnal tulips? Don’t they just make your heart sing?
And for the button fanciers among you, what about this stunning selection of wooden beauties? I just want to plunge my hand into that pile and whisk some away to Planet Baby! Miss India would be enamoured of those pink butterflies.
Now I know some of you are birdie lovers (hello, Bron!), so I thought you might like to see these little wooden trees for hanging necklaces and earrings – look at the sweet little owls and birdies a-nesting in them. They're made by Imogen Nightingale of Otekah.
And for those cartophiles like me (looking at you, Laura!), here are some reproductions of old maps of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania’s colonial name until 1856). This first is a classic – at this stage, in 1753, the existence of Bass Strait between Tasmania and the rest of the country had not been established.
Here’s a later version, the island’s status having been proven by adventurous seafarers who circumnavigated it. I love the ‘parts unexplored’ notation in the middle!
Let’s wander past one of my favourite shops, Norman & Dann. Just look at those fabulous French market baskets inside the door. And their Easter window displays are a treat.
Let’s have a closer look at what’s in the windows. Ah, the styling has me sighing – how about you?
Here’s another. Ah, the colours have me weak at the knees. And is that stephanotis? Pure prettiness.
And how about these sweet little chalkboard hearts and bunnies? Hmm, at $5 a pop, some might just find themselves living in Planet Baby’s new home – what do you think?
Oh, and now Miss Melissa has ‘turned’ me into a scourer of markets for all things antique, pre-loved and worn, when my eyes fell on this large silver champagne bottle holder for only $15, well, it just *had* to come home with me. Didn’t it? I think we’ll use it to toast our new house purchase with our parents over a bottle of Tasmania’s finest sparkling wine once Dad is out of hospital.
And now to bed – bloggy rehab – eek! Have a blessed and relaxing Easter Day with your loved ones. We’ll be treasuring our family time together. 


  1. Dearest Jane,
    your stress levels must be at an all time high and the worry, must be truly horrid. Thinking of you Jane.
    What delights you have shown us in this post.
    Take care dear friend

  2. Happy Easter!

    Those flowers are beautiful.

  3. Thank you for the visual trip! You know the maps are my fav :) and those gorgeous rings look edible. Wish you and family a happy Easter XOL

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous finds dear Jane! And those maps are so funny, if the first one was true then I'd currently be in the water right now as the whole east coast looks like it was sliced off!
    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with your Dad and with you and your family. xx
    And I've just gone to check out your new Hobart house! Oooooooooo laaaaa laaaaaa!!!! It's stunning, what a dream kitchen and those bifolds - drool! Can't wait to see more when you guys move in!
    Happy Easter to you and the pixies!

  5. Know what you are going through both with your dad and the kiddos. I'm in the same boat with kids right now. Love my kiddos dearly but find this motherhood bizzo daunting. I'm writing a coastal blog in Sydney for some light relief. Hope you will stop by one of your breaks.
    I'm off the check out more of your blog.
    Best Carolyn

  6. Hi Jane, I'm so sorry to hear of the not so great expectation for your dad's prognosis. I am still hoping it is better than expected.
    I haven't been down yo the market in an age- it looks like you had a great time. I love the look of Rebecca's jewellery, very similar to dinosaur designs. The trees are lovely too as is the window at Norman and Dann. Gosh, I love their chocolates! What a treat they are! I might have to purchase a couple of those lovely hearts you show.
    Ah well, I hope your Easter is special. I'm really looking forward to catching up again soon x

  7. I've got to have one of those necklace trees, in pale wood with an owl!!! See, I've already decided.Might just have to come down myself and have a browse. There is a tiny possibility that the Silver Fox will sent to Tassie. Not sure where yet but hopefully neat Hobart so will give you a cooee when to pop the kettle on... Thinking of you and your family and sending lots of support, calmness and hope your way!!

  8. Ah, such delightful eye candy....the tulips and maps have captured me :)
    Praying for your dad and have you all in my thoughts.
    Take care.

  9. lovely images dearest Jane - i will check out the resin girl as I am a resign lover too :) happiest easter matey to you and the Mr and the babes and your darling dad.

    Thinking of you with love and good wishes for bright days and clear nights, le xox

  10. such beautiful things. I really must make it to Tasmania one day. Thinking of you and your family. You make sure to look after yourself too ok?

  11. Hello beautiful girl-just back from London & so happy to be here at yours!
    Your dad will WANT to be toasting to your new house in his heart sweet-it's right to aim for that moment with him....'being in the moment' is super important at the moment as you say...
    I, of course, adore your bottle holder & am so happy to take full credit for your 'vntage thrifting' skills -as I know they will only get better & better!!
    Now...that wooden tree jewellery holder & those chalk boards-Lordy lord how did you not throw those in your basket?!? You MUST go back Janey -a little treat or two for your new 'space' whilst you are on this emotional roller coaster with your papa & the new house!
    Happy Easter to all in your all in mine. M xx

  12. Ugh, the Dad thing. I'm so sorry Jane. I really am. We are having a few Dad health issues of our own at the moment and it sucks. I've been crying a lot too.
    But I did love the distraction of your market trip. Thanks for that. I think we might need to plan a trip down south soonish. xx

  13. Good to see you are having some reprieve in this challenging time

  14. Hi Jane, as always a delight to 'listen' to you. It's been quite a long while since I visited Hobart and Salamanca, we stayed around the corner in a lovely hotel (can't remember the name tho).

    Sorry to hear things aren't so great still with your Dad. Be strong for him! Wishing you and yours all the best and hears hoping you had a wonderful Easter...T

  15. Hi Jane...glad your Dad is still hanging in there. Loved your pretty treasures, those Salamanca Markets are really something special aren't they?

  16. I am so loving these pictures and so wish I could be there taking a wander around with you. I am feeling a great need to visit Tassie - love it there! Matt and I actually had our honey moon in Tassie and it was delightful. If we ever get over again you house will be one of our first stops. N x

  17. Hi Jane, I hope the little shopping interlude lifted your spirits for just a short time. Thinking of you at this time.


  18. I'm so glad that your wonderful husband is so supportive so you are able to have the time to yourself to replenish your spirits. Thank you for the tour of the markets, ahh they are fun to visit. Norman and Dann was a favourite spot to visit, I did walk away with a couple of little easter treasures from there. Take care sweetie, hugs to you. xo

  19. Hi Jane, it was so much fun wandering around your market. I really enjoyed this little "Spaziergang" with you, love the old maps and the jewelry trees...Sending you a big hug from Germany and will think of you Friday, when we both get a piece of Royal Cake ;-)!

  20. Thanks everyone - you are dear souls for all your kindness and encouragement. I am so pleased you enjoyed wandering with me. J x

  21. Thinking of you Jane, as you worry about your Dad while dealing with the ever taxing day-to-day of being a mum.

    I'm glad you got to stroll the markets ALONE. That's a rare thing indeed. Gorgeous pictures - the maps are my favourites :)

    x Sarah

  22. I'm back for more eye-candy! Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club :) Hoping May will be a wonderful month for you! XOL

  23. Calling by from Post of The Month Club, hope things improve for you although never easy with youngsters.

  24. Yes, Sarah, it was delightful. We should do it together one day soon - these Autumn Saturdays are glorious there now with all the Autumn leaves falling.

    So lovely to see you here, Laura and LindyLou - it's such a fabulous idea of yours, Laura. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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