Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday splendour: 20 March 2011

Hello lovely Planetarians, all 281 of you, and a special welcome to those who have hopped aboard this busy planet recently. I am completely taken aback by, and grateful for, your kind and thoughtful responses to my last post. I’m delighted so many of you are eager to follow me on this intriguing journey of self-discovery. Okay, all aboard? Let’s cast off the bow-line and head for the open waters! For some time, I’ve been mulling over how to use the hundreds of bookmarked links to blogs, posts, websites, Etsy sites and photos I’ve been salting away like a bowerbird for months. I’ve decided to start a weekly series of posts called ‘Sunday splendour’ (I love that word!). It will capture some of the week’s splendid things I’ve seen, done, thought about – that kind of thing. Now you can find out more about what makes me tick! I’ll use this gorgeous image of butterflies as the motif – they continue to lift my mood as they dart all over Planet Baby. So here goes…

* I feasted upon* an absolutely delicious French meal at my old favourite, Le Proven├žal (in South Hobart, for the locals), with the gorgeous Emma (whose fabulous blog many of you follow). We celebrated her recent 40th birthday and her impending first ever visit to Paris with her husband Stu and their little baby, Lottie. The food was sumptuous but I can’t even recall what I ate, so captivated was I by Emma’s sparkling company. For us to be dining alone and able to conduct entire conversations uninterrupted, was blissful.

* I discovered* this divine French washi tape at the Etsy shop of sugarbsupplies. Ah, the stationery lover and Francophile in me rejoiced! The blue tape has the prettiest French handwriting – swooning in Hobart! Yet another item added to my Etsy wishlist (you can peek at it in my sidebar!). Sigh.
* I enjoyed* week 3 of my Blogging Your Way course. Oh, the inspiration, practical information and helpful ideas have my brain at bursting point! I think this is the best money I have ever spent. And I mean that. Seriously. Holly shared her blogging ideas and tips so openly and generously. She is so down-to-earth and approachable. I can’t wait to put a lot of her suggestions into action. And then Leslie came up with such brilliant suggestions for photo composition – I particularly love her clever use of colour. Watch this space as I try to put some of her ideas into action!

* I created* this pretty envelope.
I used my new wooden envelope template I bought from Etsy shop GinaPurseFrame.
I traced around the template with a pencil, cut it out, flattened the edges with my metal ruler and then stuck it together with my trusty glue stick. Magic! So simple but satisfying. Now I want to buy some more pretty cardstock…

* I read* this post from the Brave Girls Club which really resonated with me,  given my soul-searching following the creation of my BYW mood board. These lines captured where I’m at now – “I am going to be okay with being who I really want to be, I am going to finally be okay with living my potential”. That deserves a post all of its own – it’s been rattling around in my head for ages.

* I watched* Joshua compete in his first school house athletics carnival. He was just so thrilled to be part of a team and run his 40m race in front of his proud grandparents. Here he is at the starting line on the far right, raring to go.
After a couple of bean bag, ball and hoop relays, he had three ribbons proudly pinned to his chest. Isn’t his delight just radiating from his face?
So, my lovelies, I look forward to bringing you all a little *splendour* each Sunday. It's something for me to look forward to at the end of the week - and you too, I hope!


  1. Sunday splendour - splendid idea! Also love your butterfly S!
    xo Cathy

  2. What a lovely post. Doesn't Joshua look proud It's very sweet. I love your envelope. that stencil is intriguing - I must check out the link :)
    Have a great week Jane x

  3. I remember those ribbons - we had them in the olden days!!! Great envelope too...

    Nice post idea too - very nice....! I look forward to each Sunday to come... I think I should do that blogging course... x

  4. Hi Jane, I love, love, love that envelope! Off to have a look at your ETSY links : )

  5. What a beautiful post! I'm going to love these Sunday Splendour ones! Love the photo of Joshua looking so very proud. Just gorgeous!

  6. What a wonderful way to conclude one week and bounce us all sparkly and splendid-like into the next.

    I'm sure the staff at Le Provencal didn't know what hit them when two vivacious 'talkalots' entered their establishment, I'm sure they're still in recovery mode.

    As for the rest of your 'splendids' thank you for sharing - the envelope maker is the hero for me this week.

    xx felicity

  7. Great post Jane - will be sure to check out those Etsy links and am so glad you're enjoying Holly's course - as I said, it is such a wealth of ideas and information that gets you thinking about your blog and the direction you want for it. Glad Joshua enjoyed the sports carnival too :)

  8. Another quick question Jane - what is the size of the envelope once it's made?

  9. I think Sunday Splendour is a fantastic idea! I bet you and Emma had a fantastic dinner. I haven't been to Le Provencal since the children arrived!

    I, too, love the envelope template.

    See you tomorrow!

  10. I can hear the enthusiasim in your writing Jane. Something tells me that you are really finding your way with your blog. I take it that you would recommend the course? I should have a look into it. Looking forward to many a splendid Sunday post.

  11. I love the idea of Sunday Splendour, a nice way to wind up the week and see in a new one.

    I am liking the sound of the BYW course more and more :)

  12. That course sounds terrific. Glad you enjoyed it Jane. And doesn't Joshua looked chuffed with himself?! :) xx

  13. Cute, cute, I love school sports. I am the mum that goes to all the events and has a big lump in my throat just bursting with pride at their little and big achievements. Certainly a splendid Sunday Jane.

  14. Hi Jane!
    Love this Sunday splendour a la Jane!
    Send you email (well, after this comment I will)
    Bye hon,

  15. Jane,

    Hope you are well. Love Sunday Splendour. what a cute name. Such cute finds. Great photo of your little one. I gave you some blog love on my post day...Weekend Rewind, March 20th.


  16. Your creativity inspires me! That envelope is gorgeous.
    I'm leaving a comment here, then going off to click on some of your links.
    Love the idea too. I'll be tuning in each Sunday - splendid!!

  17. That is a great idea Jane, looking forward to lots more of these! Have a great week (last week at BYW, boohoo!!!).
    Hugs, Iris

  18. BYW sounds wonderful! Must give it a go next time around. And this is a lovely idea for wrapping up the best of a week :)

  19. LOVE this idea- sunday splendour!!
    do you ever sit still dear gorgeous friend??

    when we do meet we will have to walk and talk for a while till i can get you to sit down - i'll cook you dinner and you can sit and pour the wine!

    melissa xx

  20. Jane,

    There are so many great links in this post...I went click happy! And I adore the envelope template. So pretty!


  21. Fantastic idea, fantastic links, fantastic post Jane & im guessing you & Mr PB shared the same joyful expression as your little man. Perhaps you will have an athelete on your hands!

  22. Sunday Splendour - I like it already!

  23. LOVE the "S,"
    of course....and
    your wee one with
    so cute!!
    xx Suzanne

  24. Such a great idea for a series Jane. And so many great links to catch up on. I daren't get lost on etsy just now though - need to catch up on BYW!!
    Love the look on your little one's face - so excited he is! Brilliant memories for all. xx

  25. I love this concept - what a great idea! And that envelope pattern - who knew?! xoL

  26. Hi Jane,

    I love this idea and what a pleasant surprise to read such a glowing report about our evening together. It was to packing the suitcases! Hugs, Emma.

  27. Well done Joshua! As for that envelope template... I am supposed to be making final decisions about paint colours, handrails and tiles... but am instead going to get myself an envelope template! xx

  28. Ah, lovelies! I'm so chuffed you like this little idea.

    Yes, the envelope template is brilliant - cheap, a cinch to use and durable as it's wooden, unlike a different cardboard version I have. You'll never be stuck without an envelope again! The envelope measures 16 cm x 11 cm. You will love it!

    Ah, Felicity, the owner has known me for years so she's used to lots of laughter, talking and vigorous hand gesticulations from my table ☺.

    And yes, I highly recommend the BYW course. It's such a joy to participate in. I'll post about it once I'm finished - I just have to work out how much I can divulge as it's a bit 'secret squirrel' from the intellectual property side. I know, once a lawyer, always a lawyer ☺.

    J x

  29. Interesting comment re finding who you really want to be Jane. I struggled a bit with that when all the boys were younger, until one day I had a bit of an epiphany. I could actually be me while being many things to many people & not worry. My day would eventually come, so I decided to enjoy the 'ride' being a busy Mum while it lasted. My day did come, as yours will & much to my surprise, I found that the 'ride' had added so much value to my being that it was immeasurable. I hadn't needed to embark on an overt journey to discover me, it had actually snuck up on me without me even trying!
    Millie x

  30. I love those ribbons, I still remember treasuring mine!

  31. Sunday splendor sounds wonderful. I will make sure I follow!!


  32. Ah, Millie, I really appreciated this insightful comment. I am finally realising that I am the sum of all my parts!

    Do't get me started, Susie - I may have to show all mine off ☺.

    Lovely to hear from you, BC - I'm now following you. J x

  33. Wonderful post Jane! You are on a roll... I always love stopping by to see what you are up too. I really should check out the course you mentioned as I can see it is doing wonderful things for you :)

    I am sending a little Blog Love your way...dear Jane.

    Best wishes to you and the little ones!!

    Jeanne xxx

  34. Thanks, Jeanne, you lovely girl. Yes, you would relish the course - it's so full of fabulous ideas and encourages your creativity. Mind you, you're already doing many of the things they suggest so you're streets ahead of most! Thanks for the the gorgeous mention - I'll reply to that soon. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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