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Market love: the (winter 2011) market

Ah, sweet Planetarians, all 251 of you, this week has whizzed by on Planet Baby. Thanks so much for all your kind comments about Joshua starting Prep – I really appreciated your empathy and understanding about what a momentous occasion it was for our little family. Being the firstborn, like me, means he always has to light the way for his siblings to follow. We try to ensure he doesn’t feel like he’s carrying a burden but rather, that Mr PB and I are walking the journey with him. I’m so delighted his torch seems to be shining brightly from the outset.

Before this week finishes, how about you join me on my wander around ‘the market’ last weekend? Okay, slap on your sunnies (summer is finally making its presence felt here) and let’s go! Now here’s the inviting sign outside, welcoming us. Are you feeling the classy aesthetic already? Hmm, loving that grosgrain ribbon…
Just to fill you in, ‘The market’ is a delightful showcase of Tasmanian-made clothes, jewellery, stationery, toys, food and homewares. Established in April 2009 by some enterprising locals who saw the need for this niche market, it now runs quarterly. It’s marked in bold on Planet Baby’s calendar so I never miss it!

Let’s just stride past the stalls with those yummy muffins and coffee into the main room. Now here’s one of my favourites, Little Snoring – remember this post? You can read more about Edwina’s work here. Ah, she has some more of those fabulous gumball necklaces for sale. Ha! I’m actually wearing the one she has on display on the left. “Snap!” she giggles to us. I *think* I may just have to invest in some more – any of the three blue and green ones.
Ooh, I think I *might* just have to get her to make this gorgeous polka-dot top in Miss India’s size. “No worries”, she says – she’s very accommodating.
Now, let’s keep moving to the left and here’s Rebecca Roth with her brilliant resin jewellery I’ve mentioned here. Last time, Kat asked if she makes red bangles. Well, she does. Do these take your fancy, Kat?
Or how about these ones?
Now, not being a red girl myself, of course I *have* to look at these pretty green and blue ones. I already have a few of these gorgeous ones in my jewellery drawer. Do you fancy buying some?
Now, let’s  just turn around and feast our eyes on the divine creations of Hideyo Designs. I have been spotting their swoon-worthy paper craft in a few magazines lately but this is the first time I’ve laid eyes on them outside a magazine. Even their business card looks fab, don’t you think? The cut-out – so simple and eye-catching.
Now, feast your eyes on these pretties. Have you ever seen any origami like it? Imagine the complexity of the folds, the angles to be calculated – doesn’t it make your mind boggle?! And the logophile in me is swooning to see an old book repurposed so delightfully.
Here’s another. Don’t you think the styling is artfully done, as well? Oh, it’s hard to resist the temptation to reach out and touch it!
And then here’s one made of an old Melways street directory which makes the cartophile in me just giddy. The colours look glorious, don’t you think? Ah, the crispness of the folds just *gets* me.
The brilliant thing about this market is the way you can  speak with the actual makers of the wares. Sam and Maya are the creative geniuses behind Hideyo. Sam and I have an interesting chat about the use of old maps in their artwork as my lawyer brain is intrigued about the intellectual property issues. He’s such an engaging chap. I really want to buy some of this loveliness. Hmm, Mr PB are you reading this?!

Here’s another beauty. Can you believe how clever they are? And the glass cloche is an inspired setting for it.
And to show their ingenuity even further, look at these ‘flowers’.
Just stunning. You can find their blog here. Their Etsy shop is here but at the moment, its cupboards are empty as they’ve been on the road, selling their wares at markets all over Tasmania and on the mainland as well. If you’re looking for local stockists while they replenish their Etsy shop, look here.

Now, let’s turn the corner and here’s a newcomer, Bee’s Tees. The charming Brooke makes a wide range of children’s clothing including T-shirts, dresses and skirts as well as fabric covered earrings. They are very reasonably priced – the appliquéd T-shirts, in particular. She is happy to make custom orders. Hey, Brooke, can you please make this in Miss India’s size? “Absolutely” she beams. Great – pink and butterflies, the perfect combination for my little girl. And yes, the inspiration behind Planet Baby’s darting pink butterfly!
Oh, and Brooke, I’d love this one in her size as well, thanks. Can we make the bird pink with a pink button for its eye? How about keeping the blue heart, making the leaves green and the branch a bit more muted – can you do that, please? I bet you love that birdie, Bron!
Maybe next time I’ll get this sweet little dress. Denim and grosgrain ribbon tick my boxes. Or do you want it?
Now, let’s turn around and here’s one of my favourite artisans, Hamish from Ingres’ Violin. I posted about Hamish and Sarah here and you can read more about them here. As well as the usual array of beautiful, tactile necklaces on display, here are some of their sweet silk floral brooches.
And how about this handbag – does it take your fancy?
These rosette brooches have caught my eye.
And let’s keep the birdie theme going with this wooden brooch.
And over here’s my friend, Narelle from Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking. Some of you might recall I posted about her Christmas goodies here. I’m a huge fan of her little letterpress recipe card sets.
Here are some of her classy linocut prints (and er, yes, that is my shadow taking the photo reflected off the plastic!).
Here are some of her jaunty gift tags. Do you want to grab some? They’re great to have in your stationery stash.
And here’s one of her new products, little linocut brooches using her offcuts – an innovative and pretty use of ‘upcycling’ her waste. Eye-catching, don’t you think?
You can find Narelle’s gorgeous work at her Etsy and MadeIt shops. She also appears in the books Handmade Living, Reinventing Letterpress and 1000 More Greetings and the magazine Uppercase.

She’s invited me to visit her and try my hand at letterpress printing – I think I may just take up that kind offer on one of my upcoming and precious ‘pixie-free’ Mondays. What do you think?

And to finish, here’s a new find for me, Tonia of The Paper Shed. She makes the cutest little sewing kits which are suitable for all levels of sewing ability. Here’s one of them, keeping the little birdie theme going!
And here’s another little chappie. Just whimsical, don’t you think?
Oh, it’s closing time – what a shame. There are so many more stalls we missed. Sigh. Next time…So, tell me trusty Planetarians, was that a pleasant browse? What was your favourite? Do share. And for my next post, I’m going to wander down to the wharves to show you the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. See you there!


  1. I'm giddy with delight! So much to see, so much to wish upon!

    Sam and Maya are my pick of the bunch, particularly the bloom under the cloche!

    I know that my Mum would love the last little birdy and...... well, I think an aqua resin bracelet would be just the thing to wear with some cool white cotton in these last blistering days of summer.

    Thank you for taking us on this wonderful virtual tour Jane, you really do promote Hobart so wonderfully.

    x Felicity

  2. I went to school with Beccy Roth and I think with Edwina... what a lovely walk with you to see what everyone's up to - I went to the market last year when I was home and could barely move for the shoppers - it was very impressive... X

  3. So much creativity and class in Tasmania! I love those gumballs necklaces! And the paper craft ... so incredibly done. I can only tear paper.

    And those resin bangles ... me thinks an armful is in order!

  4. Thank you for that little trip to the markets. I needed that time to myself after a bad day x

  5. Thanks for the market tour Jane. So many beautiful things. Exciting times for you all with Joshua starting prep. Such a momentous time when we let our first borns out of our clutches xx

  6. That looks like such fun! I really dig that paper flower in the glass thingo (I'm not up with the crafty words). I want it! More than that I want to go back to Tassie! I was only dreaming about it a few hours ago!
    Megs x

  7. How lovely, I missed The Market this time and was disappointed. I now feel as if I had been there! Love and hugs. Emma

  8. completely love all those birdies - so sweet!!
    have a great weekend

  9. I got your e-mail, and will write you back. We've had well visits, and great weather in NC.

    Love the post today. I think that blue polka-dot top is adorable.

    Have a great weekend. If you have a dog, make sure you enter it in my dog contest on the FB page. Tell your friends! I'm running it through the 28th.

  10. It is a lovely market. Despite going myself, why is it I only recollect a few of the things you show?! Maybe I was rushing through so I didn't spend too much money. That's where I got my little tea light. I did rather fancy those cute little birds too :)

  11. Love the origami globes, wonder if they would post them????

  12. Oh I missed it!

    I love the Ruby Victoria prints - actually I won the teacups print (in red for me of course!) in the QLD Flood auctions. It's going to go in the kitchen but it still needs a frame.

    I love the Ingres' Violin things - I have a couple of hair ties with their beautiful vintage fabric flowers (pity my hairs to short to wear up now!)

    And I'm intrigued by Hideyo - I haven't seen their work before. It looks amazing!

  13. Oops! clicked "post comment" too quickly.

    This comment :

    Ah, the crispness of the folds just *gets* me

    Is a great example of why I love reading your posts Jane. You always bring a smile to my face!

    Have a lovely weekend, and Monday!

    x Sarah

  14. The origami orbs and flowers are so wonderful! I love paper decorations. We have so many marine charts, I love to use them for wrapping gifts -- maybe I should do some origami with them as well -- the possibilities are endless!

  15. That folded paper is just excellent Jane... thanks for showing us around! gxo

  16. Hey Jane, I know that first born feeling. Had to carry Trish all the way. Lol (don't tell her I said that). The other pair just got away with murder.

    Looks like you had fun at the markets. Some people come up with amazing ideas.

  17. This market is one of my favs. I usually try and make it a few times a year. Looks like this one had dome of my fav stalls I love ruby letter press too! Being a fell pretty paper and card addict! Not so sunny today but last week was lovely. Our week of summer indeed! xox

  18. That is the closest I have been to a market in an aeon! I don't think the twin pram would fit in amongst the stalls. Shame. I used to love them. You have found some gorgeous things to show us - I absolutely ADORE the denim birdy dress. Sheer gorgeousness :)

  19. The Rebecca Roth green and blue bracelets have my heart pounding! I am not even a jewelry person and I am loving them! Right, now I want to move to Hobart, what a great market!


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