Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Mr PB

Hello lovely Planetarians on this gorgeous sunny, summery Hobart day. This is just the shortest of post on Valentine’s Day to joyfully acknowledge the love of my life, Mr PB (while he’s out with the two older pixies and I’m at home with sleeping Sam). Before we landed on Planet Baby, we used to go to a fair bit of effort for each other on Valentine’s Day. On one memorable occasion, he cooked me quail in rose petal sauce, a recipe used in one of our favourite magic realism films, ‘Like Water for Chocolate’. You can find the recipe here. I love stumbling across my old novel with its rose-petal stained splatters, knowing that he slaved over it for hours. Just for me.
This year, though, I’ve been caught a little short of time. I arranged these gorgeous little paper butterflies I bought from the talented Rhonda’s Made It Shop, Pixel Adventures, with the intention of photographing it and making it into a card. I ran out of time. I ordered a special something which is in the mail. Sigh. The best laid plans…

However, I still have a few hours left in the day to whip a card up. I also hope to fit in making him chicken risotto with tomatoes and sweet potato. Oh, and buy some Tasmanian bubbles to accompany it.

I am, however, joining in with Felicity and Bron’s ‘Bling on Love’ linky. As requested, here is my post describing how Mr PB proposed to me and here is a photo of my engagement and wedding rings.
Three diamonds set in a half-bezel, I love my ring. I remember what a fortune it cost Mr PB back when he was in one of his first jobs. He had to lay-by it (does anyone still do that nowadays?!). And as you can tell from my post, it had a starring role on the big day. And thankfully wasn’t tossed into the River Derwent by accident!

Oh, and inside my wedding ring is engraved Mr PB's name and the date we married. His ring has my name and the date, too. 

Anyway, Mr PB’s returned with the older pixies and it’s time to go to my parents’ house to pick some apricots to make into jam so I’d better dash! I hope you’re all enjoying Valentine’s Day with your nearest and dearest. 


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you too Jane! What a lovely couple you are.

    Your ring is so pretty and I love the design. He obviously knew you very well as it looks beautiful on your hand.

    Best wishes always,

  2. Snap, we practically have the same engagement ring! What wonderfully good taste you have Jane. Happy V day to you and Mr PB. Enjoy those bubbles! Deb

  3. Happy, happy Valentines day Jane and Mr PB!
    Maureen x

  4. Have a lovely evening sweet Jane. A-M xx

  5. so love the lovely! love the ring shot - what a great story you have to tell the kids - we did not have enough money to buy a ring and had to put it on laybuy - in the olden days....enjoy your jam :) Naomi x

  6. Gorgeous ring!! Enjoy your Valentine's Day meal tonight with Mr PB x

  7. What a lovely ring and i also adore the butterflies. Have a lovely evening :)

  8. Lovely ring! Looking forward to a post about that apricot jam :)

  9. Happy Valentines Jane + Mr PB! I hope you have a lovely evening.

  10. happy valentines honey...
    love your butterflies....
    i would love to try rose petal sauce...if i minded your pixies do you think your hubster would whip it up for me?

    i need to go and read your post about the big day!!
    email coming lovely one...

    melissa xxx

  11. ok....gorgoues gal...i'm back after reading both the engagement and wedding stories...

    that man is a doll!!!!!!!

    melissa xxxx

  12. Hoping both you and Mr PB have a lovely day. Hope the kiddies get off to sleep quickly and you can enjoy being a couple - a rare thing when kids are around. I love the sound of the risotto for tea too.

    Oh, and I've been missing in blog land for ages and have only just seen the lovely, lovely things you wrote about me. I am feeling extra special today because of that.

    Have a wonderful week. (-:

  13. Your butterfly heart is so cute. And your dinner sounds yummy. YOu need to post that recipe. Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Such beautiful memories to have, I can imagine seeing you smile when you look through your recipe books.

    Happy Valentines's Day Jane and to Mr PB, I hope you both have a lovely meal together tonight. xo

  15. Yummy stuff, Jane. I love Mr PB and you. x

  16. Happy Valentine's lovely Jane! Mr PB whipping up a quail in rose petal sauce is one of the most romantic things that I have ever read! Hope that you have had a lovely evening. x

  17. That's so sweet that his name and the date are engraved inside...what a beautiful touch :-)

  18. Happy Valentines day to you and your entire family!

  19. Thanks, ladies! Yes, he's a keeper, that one. As for the risotto, I had to postpone that as our apricot picking at my parents' took a while so we ended up having a BBQ there instead.

    So, yes, I promise to post both the risotto and apricot jam recipes (if the latter works out - it's our first attempt!). J x

  20. Lovely post.... I think making a little effort is so necessary on Valentines Day once children are involved...I loved your butterfly idea and reading that Mr PB once cooked you quail in rose petal sauce....What a man!

    And thank you for stopping by our new blog over at Alice Becomes....I am loving seeing familiar faces over there and also loving being back visiting my favorite has felt like for ever!

    Gill xo

  21. Stained and splattered receipes...the memories that those kinds of pages evoke are priceless aren't they?
    Hope you had a lovely valentines day. x

  22. You are truly
    in the thick of
    love's embrace,
    right now ~ and
    isn't it grand??
    My mom is visiting
    this week and we
    all had a lovely
    Valentine's Day
    dinner with a lot
    of laughter around
    the table. My
    favorite gift!
    Hugs to you today.
    xx Suzanne

  23. Oh, Gill, I adore the new blog. I think it has lots of intriguing possibilities.

    You're right, Beth. Now where is that book? Right, you guessed it - in the shed ☺.

    That's a refreshing take on it, Suzanne. I'm delighted you spent some precious time with your mum. J x


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