Sunday, 6 February 2011

Come window shopping with me in Hobart again

Ah, lovely Planetarians, all 246 of you (and hello to the newbies who've hopped aboard this madcap planet!). Many of enjoyed my last little outing to Chez Moi so much last time, I thought we’d go window shopping in Hobart again. All part of my bloggy rehab! Let’s go for a wander down Liverpool Street (the block down from Spotlight for those local Planetarians reading). Here we find the charming Aznew Interiors. The amiable proprietor, Lyne Chadwick, stocks an eclectic mix of new and vintage French provincial, country and shabby chic homewares and accessories. So, what greets us as we walk in the door? Utter gorgeousness, n’est-ce pas?
Fancy a spin on this delightful pink bicycle? Lyne tells us it’s a Crocodile brand with the label ‘St Claire’ but she hasn’t been able to find out more about its origin. It’s just vintage sweetness. The basket, the flowers, the baguette, the apple, the magazine – sigh. Lyne’s talents as a stylist are evident.
This is what the shopfront looks like when the bicycle isn’t on display (I couldn’t take one without the reflections of passing cars) – I found this photo on Lyne’s website.

Now, what takes your fancy? What about over there, near the bike? I’m quite smitten with these white tin hydrangea coathooks. I could see them at home on Planet Baby. How about you?
And look, here are some tin hearts for their many fans out there like Tina.

And all so reasonably priced – all less than $AUD10.

Or how about this ceramic dragonfly coaster?
Here’s a version for the butterfly lovers among you.
There are pretty cotton floral aprons.
And the shorter ‘pinny’ versions.
Oh, and an assortment of embroidered cushions and quilts.

There’s large selection of laminated posters. I want to take Audrey home with me. What was that? You saw her first? No worries, Lyne has plenty on offer.
And this little watering can has the Francophile in me singing.
As does this matching tray. Shall I get it or do you want it?
These little country-style mugs are cheerful. Why don’t you grab some – they’re very reasonably priced.
And to finish, does this French butler’s tray take your fancy?
Ah, there’s nothing like a spot of window shopping to revive the soul, is there? Owing to the state of Planet Baby’s budget (waiting for Mr PB’s monthly pay to arrive shortly), I’m not buying anything today. But I know I’ll be back once I’ve discovered this little gem. Thanks for showing us around, Lyne. Now, how about you lovely Planetarians show us what you’re buying from Lyne? Do share!  
PS As usual, I don't have any financial interest in Lyne's business. I'm just an admirer who likes window shopping with my fellow Planetarians!


  1. I know Lyne! But haven't been brave enough to venture into her lovely shop yet...i just know i'll be too tempted :)

  2. Yet another reason to visit Hobart! Those hearts are very lovely :)

  3. I have those hydrangea hooks in the bootroom at SJW... I did a post on them remember?!! gxo

  4. What a cute little post! I bit Lyne was thrilled to bits knowing you were visiting. She'll be flooded with blog readers now!

  5. Why thanks for the trip, i quite enjoyed it & it was very good on the budget!! Thanks Jane, love Posie

  6. You have some amazing shops in Hobart! Loved the shopping tour, wish I really was there with you, then we could have a coffee together after! xx

  7. Fabulous! Love the hydrange hooks. Beautiful photos Jane.

  8. What lovely things on display - I adore the short apron!

  9. Oh gosh how I love homewares and these are especially gorgeous!

  10. Another Hobart undiscovered gem for me to go and look at.
    Jane, you are such a wealth of information!
    Ps I hear you on the budget thing. Dittto in our house, so maybe I should stay away ;)

  11. You should be getting commission from tourism Tasmania for these lovely posts where you take us on a tour of your city! Gosh, you did so well to resist all those tempting pretties. x

  12. The butler's tray! {loud clunk}
    .................hmmmm, I think I may have swooned off my chair!

    I love going window shopping with you dear friend and even though I'm two billion miles away I hope one day that we can do it 'for real'.

    Felicity x

  13. How did I not know about this shop???? Now I'll have to check it out asap. But then, on my non existent budget maybe I should keep away!
    I hope you have a had a lovely weekend x

  14. Gorgeous. Sighhhh, I miss living in a city with proper shops.

    MD xx

  15. Fantastic shopping trip Jane...I want to come too!!
    Great photos, especially the first :)
    Jeanne xxx

  16. That was lovely shopping with you Jane, great photos, love the hydrangea's too. Hope your well.x

  17. I haven't been in there Jane, thanks for the tour!

    I love the little hydrangea hooks...

  18. Jane,
    I love this post. I actually keep my computer on all day to save money. If I get out and about, I want to buy. This is a great store, and I love everything.

    I like the coathooks, the mugs, and the tray. They are my favorites....things that I may actually buy. The others things are great, too.

  19. Hello there! I had to laugh when I read your 'About Me' and using the word 'pixies', in America it can be referred to when someone, let's say, has a bit much to drink of an adult beverage and sees the little things running around when no one else does, so I had to chuckle... Thanks a bunches for stopping by my place, I'm so very happy that you did because now I have found you, and I absolutely love your place! Thanks for the tour, and YES I would very much fancy a spin on the beautiful pink bicycle!

  20. That pink bike is the best are all the other little goodies...Lovely post and thank you for the tour....the next best thing to being there myself....xv

  21. How wonderful to go on a little window shopping excursion down under with you this morning!! Could I borrow the Bordeaux tray from you every once in awhile?? It's a beauty! Happy Sunday!

  22. Oh my gosh that shop looks completely adorable!! I love that super cute beach cruiser:)

  23. I am so looking forward to a visit to Hobart some time this year. It's just my kinda place!!! x

  24. I want to come down to Hobart again soon. I am Dying to go to MONA. We are so lucky to have that here in our little state.

  25. Oh that was fun! Thank you!

  26. I really enjoy your window shopping posts Jane. I remember the first one clearly. Love to see more in the future. I don't get out much for this lovely kind of window shopping potter joy as I used to. That's one of the great things about the internet though.
    Love the hydrangea tin hooks. Alot!

  27. Ah, ladies! Window shopping together is such fun, isn't it? Hmm, it seems the hydrangea hooks are among your faves. Don't worry - this will be an ongoing series of posts.

    Georgie, you did, too. I suspect some may be taking pride of place on Planet Baby very soon ☺.

    Emma, I'm looking forward to the day when you're shopping and lunching with me in Hobart while our husbands entertain the pixies and the pirates!

    Don't worry, Felicity, it will happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

    Lovely to see you here, Cindy Sue, and thanks for hopping aboard this madcap planet.

    I could see you on that bike, Vicki, wending your way down some little French country lane. Sigh.

    Yes, Emily, the tray is delightful. It's on my 'lust list'.

    My pleasure, Sonia. Any excuse for me! J x


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