Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 on Planet Baby: our year in photos

Happy New Year, lovely Planetarians, all 217 of you. I wish you and your dear ones the very best of health and happiness for 2011. With the pixies sound asleep, I finally have a moment to look back on our life on Planet Baby in 2010. It’s been one of my most *challenging* (what an understatement), tiring and difficult years yet, particularly on the health front, and in many respects, I crawled to the finish line on my hands and knees. But life being as unpredictable as it is, 2010 also was filled with moments of joy, wonderment, elation and pride. Here’s a selection of PB photos to capture some of the more positive aspects of our year.


In January, Mr PB introduced the older pixies to the joys of raspberry picking at our favourite berry farm at Peacehaven, south of Hobart. Here’s Joshie getting into the spirit, picking his first of many. Meanwhile, Miss India ate as many as she picked! The season’s a bit late this year due to the wet weather we’ve been having – we plan on heading down there next week once the raspberries are ripe enough.

The middle of February heralded a momentous occasion on PB – Joshua started Kindergarten. A whole new world opened up for us parents, our L-plates hanging around our necks as we took our firstborn to school! Here he is just before leaving for his first day of school. Of course, his best friend, Polo the polar bear, had to bear witness to this auspicious occasion.


March brought a precious family occasion for us – Sam’s christening in St David’s Cathedral in Hobart. Family and friends assembled from far and wide to celebrate. Here he after his big moment, in the christening gown we had made for Joshua and now worn by all the pixies.

Easter was such a joyous time on PB as you can see. Joshie made his little bunny ears at school.

May brought my first Mother’s Day to celebrate with Sammy, my darling little chap.

One of the great pleasures of living in Hobart is the interaction the pixies have with their four grandparents. They all accompanied us on an excursion up near New Norfolk, to the north-west of Hobart, where we had a barbecue. Here is Mr PB showing Joshua and India how to toast damper, wound around sticks, over the fire – once it’s toasty golden, you slide it off and fill it with golden syrup. Just the thing for a bitterly cold winter’s day. Look at Grandma in the background, trying to restrain Sammy who wants to leap into the fire!


In July, we turned Sam’s car seat around from rear-facing to forward-facing. He loved it! He felt he was ‘one of the big kids’. And they relished it as well – you can see the delight on their faces. Note the car seats squeezed in without a millimetre to spare.


August brought my 40th birthday and the Carnival of Jane (COJ) started. Here’s the first lunch and a rare photo of me with the older pixies (I’m always taking the photos!). Sammy was asleep.


Here’s an even rarer photo of Mr PB and I together. Probably the first one in at least a year. We’re hosting another birthday celebration with friends as part of the COJ. The theme was French, hence my boa. Ooh la la!


October was Mr PB’s time to turn 40. Here he is with three of his greatest admirers.


November saw the whole family attend Joshie’s school assembly when he proudly showed the school some of his artwork. Isn’t he as proud as punch!


And here’s the big Kindy boy on his last day at school (Polo is still his best mate). He’s changing schools next year so the day was a mixture of sadness and elation after such a full and fun year of learning and making some fabulous friendships.

And that, lovely Planetarians, is a wrap! Time to get my brain into gear to start 2011…Is anyone else feeling like that?!


  1. WOW Jane what a fabulous year you guys have had, that first year if school certainly brings about some changes, just wait til the first year of high school, you'll think your child has been abducted by aliens, LOL!
    Happy 2011 to you all at PB
    Cheers xxx

  2. happy new year, what a fab 2010...careen x

  3. Nice to see photos of you, Jane! Lovely!

  4. Such a full year Jane with many milestones :)I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you and your family xx

  5. What a great year 2010 was for your family Jane. May 2011 bring many blessings also. Lovely to see your photo! Looking forward to getting to know you and family better this year. Meredy xo.

  6. I feel like it was a little trip down memory lane for me too, Jane. Happy new year to you!!! x

  7. Such a gorgeous year in pictures Jane :D Happy New Year and wishing you and your gorgeous family a 2011 which is filled with truly wonderful times ~ Txx

  8. Oh, Jane. I can SO relate to your July picture. My three are crammed into a VW Jetta without an inch to spare! Your family is beautiful. They have such sweet faces. I was just stopping into to wish you a Happy New Year. You have been such a great friend & encourager over the past several months, Jane. I always look forward to your sweet comments whether on my blog or facebook. So happy to have "met" you.

    Happy 2011 to you, Mr. PB, and the pixies! (and Happy belated 40th!)

    ♥ Jami

  9. What a great idea to do a post like this! I loved seeing all your memories and your beautiful pixies Wishing you all a wonderful 2011! Jxx

  10. Great wrap up! Since I've only been reading you recently, I have enjoyed seeing your year in review and so glad you made it into some of those piccies.
    Looking forward to following your journey this year and getting to know you and your family better.

  11. Jane your photos throughout the year are very special and ones to cherish. May the new year be filled with good health and lots of good times with your loved ones. xo

  12. What a great year in photos ... especially love your Sept pic of you and hubbie - Beautiful!!

  13. Oh Happy New Year & boy has your family grown up, check out the baby, not so baby now!! Have a brilliant 2011 with those gorgeous pixies, love Posie

  14. Such great memories Jane, cheers to a wonderful 2011.

  15. Too cute. Wishing you all a fab 2011. I thanks for a great 2010 of blogging Jane, it has been wonderful to meet you and the gorgeous pixies here in blog land. Deb

  16. Isn't it great to have a record of the lovely things you did throughout the year? Your little pixies are very cute. I love that photo of all three of them in the car! xx

  17. Happy New Year Jane. I hope you and your gorgeous family have a fabulous 2011.

  18. what a great wrap. It looks like such a fun year! Funny how you wouldn't even know there were ups and downs from the outside sometimes :-)
    I have been so fortunate to meet you this year - here's to 2011 and all the 'ups' we can handle!!

  19. oh, i love your year in review...greta photos! i love reading what everyone else has to say about their year. happy new year to you!

  20. love the family pictures and so love that there are some snaps of you in there too! happy new year to you and I hope it is full of happiness with a pinch of joy for you. Naomi xx

  21. Why, thanks, ladies! Choosing these photos was actually quite enjoyable as it reminded me of how much our little family grew and thrived in 2010, notwithstanding what a difficult year it was for me with my PND. It helped me sign off 2010 with some gratitude and pride, a pleasant contrast to the normal numbness I feel.

    I am *so* delighted I started blogging in 2010 as we now have a marvellous journal of our daily goings-on, so much of which I would forget otherwise. I must get it printed into a book.

    And yes, you know those were about the only photos of me taken through the year. I'm always taking them. One of my goals for 2011 is to ensure I'm in more photos! J x

  22. Well done for even remembering what happened in January last year Jane - with three whirl winds providing memory retention static you've done a great job recollecting :)

  23. yep Im feeling like that too! Everyone seems to be ready for the new year, new inspirations and goals and I am still in a 2010 fog! ANyway your pics are lovely Jane, maybe I need to wrap up my year too so as to move on to the next one. Looking forward to getting to know you better this year :)

  24. Hi Jane. I just found you via Calico&Co. I have just started blogging (one month!) and prior to that have never even knowingly read a blog. You seem to have a very kind and generous nature about you and I have enjoyed reading your 2010 in a nutshell. I am sorry to hear about your struggles and I sincerely hope that you are blessed abundantly in 2011. I look forward to reading all about it! xx Fiona

  25. How beautiful Jane, these are fantastic highlights from your 2010. Here's to the new year - and I wish you all the blessings, strength, clarity and energy you deserve. x Sarah

  26. What a great roundup..I enjoyed reading about you and your are very organised !!

  27. So so sweet Jane, I just loved looking at your year in photos! I think a Mac book or photo book is in order for these :) So precious xx

    Jeanne xxx

  28. Thanks, everyone. Er, Lee, thank goodness for photos or I'd be struggling ☺.

    Don't worry, Bec, today I was still sorting out 2010 things - I think by next week my headspace will have moved into 2011!

    Hi Fiona Thanks for both becoming a Planetarian and your kindness. Good for you for starting your blog - I'm now following it.

    Ah, FW, don't let appearances deceive you! Trying to keep organised with 3 under 6 is my eternal struggle ☺.

    Thanks, Jeanne - something else to add to the like-to-do-when-we-have-some-spare-money pile...J x

  29. Loved this wrap up post Jane! I feel like I just got to know you all a little better. Here's to a wonderful 2011! xx

  30. Thanks, Emma - I'm looking forward to finding out more about what makes you tick in 2011 ☺. J x

  31. gorgeous pics of your year Jane!
    I especially love the COJ, excellent!
    wishing you & your beautiful family a fun & love filled new year with plenty of pics & plenty of adventures ♥

  32. Thanks, Cathie - yes, the COJ was fun. If only it were an annual event! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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