Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve on Planet Baby 2010

Well, lovely Planetarians, all 216 of you, on Christmas Eve I’d like to thank you for hopping aboard this madcap planet over the past 5 months. You’ve brightened my life immeasurably with your wit, charm and incisive comments – take a bow, my friends! Before I sign off for a few days over the festive season, I thought I’d show you some of the Christmas preparations which have been taking place on Planet Baby over the past little while. So, sit back and enjoy (mmm, that riesling is going down a treat and yum, that fresh-from –the-oven-mince-pie is a winner, Mr PB!).

The Advent calendar
Here are the older pixies in front of our treasured Advent Calendar, bought from Papier d’amour in Sydney. It is a divine little wooden creation, with 24 boxes which can contain lollies. With Mr PB working for Cadbury, that requirement was easily filled! The pixies have delighted in opening each day’s box, taking turns (Joshua odd and India even days – all that will change next year when Quicksilver Sam strides to the stage!).

The clay tag decorations

Thanks to clever Kerry’s helpful tutorial and loan of one of her stamps, the older pixies helped create some clay tag decorations for our tree.
We bought white and red clay as well but ran out of time to make them. For now, the brown and green versions will suffice. The older pixies enjoyed working out the different textures they could apply to them to create patterns and had great pleasure in hanging them on the tree tonight. Here are a couple of close-ups (overlook the broken tail!).
And Miss India’s.
The decorations
Here’s another beauty, handmade by Joshie at school. I am so proud of him – he even sewed the heart up and added the button! Oh, and loving the back-to-front ‘s’!

Here’s India’s contribution from daycare.

And some of my treasured German handmade goodies.

The garland

Sweet Tina’s giveaway is resplendent on our mantelpiece (note the empty wine rack. Sigh.).
The gingerbread house

Aided by young cousin Henry, the pixies revelled in decorating Mr PB’s masterpiece in true Planet Baby style.
The wrapping paper

Here’s some of the pixies’ handiwork using the trusty old potato trick and colourful brushwork.
The wreath

Thanks to Mamma Musing’s helpful tutorial, here is the wreath I made, resplendent in all its glory on Planet Baby’s front door. The eagle-eyed will notice Miss Tina’s gorgeous giveaway hearts as well.
Here’s a close-up.
Next year, I plan to do a book-page wreath. But for now, I’m quite happy with my first-ever-effort-wielding-a-hot-glue-gun!

Which brings me to now. The pixies are all sleeping soundly and this little plate has been left, quite hopefully, on the hearth. Now, time to commence the latest edition of the Great Wrapping on Planet Baby!

Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas, my lovely fellow Planetarians. I am so delighted to have found you all over the past 5 months in Blogland. I wish you all the very best of health, happiness and success in 2011.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Jane! Love the decorations... I love it when they are personal! Lx

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your Pixies and Mr PB too, I hope you have a truly magical day.
    I eagerly anticipate your posts for next year, and am so very glad I found you in blogland.
    LOVE your wreath too, will add that to my list for next year (! ha, as if I have one of those already!! - remind me in OCtober next year please!!)
    love and sparkly Christmas wishes (I am currently covered with glitter from making reindeer food)
    Rhiannon, Hans, Milla and Tate xx

  3. Happy Christmas Jane, Mr PB and pixies. I hope you have a magical time. Thank you for sharing your stories these last five months, I look forward to more tales and adventures from Planet Baby 2011.

  4. So festive, and I love that all the Planet Babies are involved! Merry CHristmas Jane!
    xo Cathy

  5. Merry Xmas Jane!!! You have been a busy little bee haven't you (and how many millions of other projects so you have lined up for that hot glue gun?).
    Hope you and your lovely family have a really great day!

  6. have a wonderful day Jane and your planet folk - best for 2011 - le xo

  7. Merry Christmas Jane to you and your family. I hope you have all had a wonderful day. xx
    ps those deccys will become heirlooms!

  8. A beautiful post Jane..I hope you, Mr PB and all the Pixies had a magical Christmas day..not too much riesling I hope??? Merry Xmas..;)

  9. It looks like your house is full of Christmas spirit:) It's been great getting to know you, I look forward to stopping by in 2011 and catching up with the PB clan:) Merry Christmas. xo

  10. merry christmas! love all the christmas handiwork and hope your littlies are nice and busy with new toys! I'm loving it!

    looking forward to reading your blog and seeing it grow even further in 2011!


  11. Why, thanks for the kind compliments, ladies. I wouldn't have done any of this craft without your inspiration. Seriously.

    Yes, Laura and Sarah, we're hoping to create a tradition of making tree decorations each year. Hmm, I must write 2010 on the back of these ones.

    Oh, Rhi, you make me laugh. The wreath was a cinch - you'll knock it over in an hour. Tops.

    Cate, I have *no* idea what I should do next with the hot glue gun. Not at all. I'm open to any suggestions!

    Er, Kym, I was slightly *dusty* the next morning, put it that way...

    Catherine, finding you and your little family in Blogland has been a delight this year.

    Why, thanks, Corrie. I am still blown away by how enjoyable this bloggy caper is. Oh, and we didn't get as organised as the Retro family this year - no Santa photo! Sigh. Next year. J x

  12. Merry Xmas to you Jane and your family!

    You wreath looks really lovely! I too was thinking of trying my hand at a paper book wreath next year or one using white tissue paper.

  13. Jane!! I am super impressed with your wreath, you are so very clever! We made stamp paper as well, one of my favourite Christmas crafts. x

  14. Why, thanks, Kate, I couldn't have done it without your helpful post. Although we've packed most of the Christmas decorations away, I still have it hanging on the front door as I'm quite partial to it now!

    And Emma, you sweet girl, it's as easy as pie. Gosh, I didn't even know what a hot glue gun was before I did this! You could make it, too - trust me. J x


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