Saturday, 25 September 2010

How to really love a child

Hello, my lovelies. Here's something sweet which I really relate to here on PB. I follow the crazy and eclectic blog of SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) - do check it out if you have a moment. She's both eccentric and quite inspirational, I find. This is one of her gorgeous creations.
Isn't is just the loveliest reminder of how simple life can be, when we let it?

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.



  1. Love this ...thank you for sharing XX

  2. Hi Jane! I just happened to stumble across your blog and fell in love with all the great reads!
    I'm a new mom so reading up on other mommy blogs has been a new found passion of mine :)

    Hope you don't mind I've added you to my blogroll. Hope you drop by and say hi as well!

    New Mommy Jenn

  3. The nice thing Jane is that this still continues when they are teenagers :)

    Jeanne :)

  4. Wonderful words! I am going to write them down to stick onto the fridge for moments when I need to be reminded! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My pleasure, ladies! Sometimes when life can get so complicated, I find I need to be reminded of the basics. Just like this.

    Hi Jenn, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for doing that. I'll head over to your blog now.

    And Jeanne, that's lovely to hear. I can't even imagine the pixies being teenagers ☺ J x

  6. That's gorgeous Jane, thanks for sharing!

  7. How extremely cute!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following me! Have a beautiful Sunday!


  8. This is lovely. I'm going to pop out and check out the blog!! x

  9. Great - I really think you'll like it, Bron! She's very 'out there' and full on but wise as well. A fascinating mix. J x

  10. Hi,
    I think it's true and lovely !


  11. Hello Jane,
    what a wonderful post!
    Have a great new week,

  12. Hi Jane, Thank you for stopping by my blog, which brought me to your delightful blog :) I love your Wellies header, and this post for parents. Have a wonderful week!


  13. Thanks for stopping by, Anci and Yvonne. Glad you enjoyed it.

    And, Laura, it's my pleasure. Thanks for becoming a follower. Oh, and I am still waiting to hear the answer to your flag question! J x

  14. such lovely words...have a great week with your little ones

  15. Glad you like it, Sarah and thanks for following PB! I just showed Mr PB what you did with the boat - he was most impressed and wants to do something similar for the pixies! J x

  16. This is so, so sweet. A great daily reminder for all mums and dads!

  17. Hi Bron Glad you like it! Thanks for visiting PB and joining in. I'm pleased I found your blog today. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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