Friday, 27 August 2010

Life in Sydney in the noughties: Part 4

Okay, let's wrap up this little meander through our 11 years in Sydney by looking at how we spent our free time once the pixies arrived and we moved to Planet Baby. Our whole compass shifted in both the metaphorical and literal senses. As any parent would tell you, your life is never quite the same. Or same, but different. Suddenly our relationship with time altered. Spontaneity all but disappeared. Planning was essential (often many anticipatory steps ahead). Organisation was required (including stocking the nappy bag with bottles of cooled, boiled water, formula, nappies, wipes, nappy bags, dummies, changes of clothes, toys and snacks). Our trusty Peg Perégo pram lived in the car boot, ready to go. Routines ruled and once pixie number two arrived, the endless juggling game started (let alone with number three!).
The pram loaded up with precious cargo at Balmoral Beach
Our radius of travel from home shortened significantly to fit in around the pixies' sleeping and eating requirements. Instead of venturing out of the weekend for a two hour drive down to picturesque Bowral, Mittagong or Berrima (do visit The Gumnut Patisserie there for their delectable cupcakes and  lamb and rosemary pies), we found ourselves discovering our local area a lot more. 

Travelling on the ferries became a favourite pastime for the pixies from a young age (what a surprise!). It was fun catching it from Woolwich and over to Balmain to play at the park at the end of the peninsula, right next to the ferry terminal, and then back.
One year old India outside on the ferry
Joshie at Thornton Park, Balmain
A rare shot with Mummy at Balmain
Playgrounds became our favourite haunts. We road tested them for safety, variety, whether they had activities for all the pixies with their differing ages and most importantly, whether there was a nearby cafe for Mummy and Daddy! We were thrilled when the Council built a new playground at Ryde Park, right near our home. And, yes, it has a café too!
Joshua and India having fun at Ryde Park
We joined the fabulous Canada Bay Library (do check it out if you live nearby - we were able to join, even although we lived in the adjacent Council area) and whiled away many lazy Saturday afternoons with the pixies, searching for the week's latest finds.
India enjoying the library
We hunted out child friendly cafés with enough room for the pixies to run (or crawl) about safely. We picnicked in the glorious Royal Botanic Gardens and fed the hungry ducks after reading the delightful 'Alexander's Outing' by Pamela Allen.
"Now, which one is Alexander, Mummy?"
We introduced the pixies to Cremorne Point's delights.
With three week old India at Cremorne Point
Joshua at Cremorne Point
All up, we found Sydney great for getting around with the pixies, as long as we didn't plan too much for the one day. I'd love to hear about your favourite haunts with littlies - let's compare notes!


Rewound on 30 January 2011 at Allison's Life in a Pink Fibro


  1. Yep, I can definitely identify with the sudden need for organisation here. I only have one and I was a pretty organised person to start with, and I'm still having days when it all becomes a bit much :-)

  2. Ah, yes, Nadiah - the joys of being a parent! I also was very organised in my pre-PB days. Now I've had to 'adjust my expectations' (instead of 'let my standards slip' - it's all in the perspective!). That is probably an important thing I have learnt on PB.

  3. Yep, there we are, having the same life again. My part of the inner west was the other side of Parramatta Road, but I think the whole area is remarkably well set up for kids. Better than some country towns in some ways.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  4. Too funny, Allison. Oh, the mere *mention* of Parramatta Road gives me the shudders! We used to avoid it like the plague. Something I don't miss about Sydney ☺. J x

  5. My kids were brought up in Canberra...which was a fabulous place for kids. All the libraries had story time and crafts once a week, lots of parks and playgrounds even in our local area that we could walk to, bike paths made it safe for their little bikes as they got past the stroller stage. Then as they got older lots of educational displays and interaction with science etc too. Now we're in Queensland...but still appreciate those days in the ACT.

  6. Yes, it's a very liveable city, Carol, that's for sure. J x


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