Saturday, 28 January 2012

Decorating *my room of my own*: have a peek!

Hello gorgeous Planetarians! Today has been sublimely sunny here in Hobart with just a gentle breeze off the River Derwent. Mr PB treated me by taking the pixies off on a day-trip down to the Tasman Peninsula. Whilst they had a ball, frolicking in the crystal clear waters and collecting sea shells, I finally had some solitude. 

Splendid, superb solitude. I cherished it. 

Freed of the pixies' incessant chatter and requests, I could do what I pleased. My, it felt almost surreal! I spent the first hour in a flap, racing around like a madwoman, cleaning the house from top to bottom. As the hours unfolded, I gradually realised how much I needed that time alone, after all life's recent turmoil. Just some space to breathe. And just be.

Thoughts were rushing around my head, colliding into each other in their haste to make themselves heard by my consciousness. There are so many pressing needs, arrangements to be made, paperwork to be hunted down, Mr PB to be supported and encouraged as he looks for work and possible employment options for me to be considered. And all the while, Planet Baby's usual affairs of state need to be attended to.  

And then I slowed down. Calmed down, as well. 

I started writing some 'to do' lists. Life has been so frantic here for so long that I haven't even had time to write a single list. That's *so* unlike me. But I've learnt to just 'let it go' and stop beating myself up over it. We've managed pretty well in the absence of my infamous lists, I must admit. Life has carried on regardless. As it does. 

But once I started writing those lists, some clarity of thought appeared, something I have been craving for the longest time. I felt calmer. Organisation is my compulsion. 'A place for everything and everything in its place' has always been my mantra. But I have to be careful or I can veer into 'obsessive-compulsive' territory. 

I then started arranging my books into my new bookcase in *my room of my own*. My childhood bookcase has been filled with the pixies' books for the past 6 years and with all our moves, so many of my precious tomes have been in storage, waiting for me to rediscover them. Oh, the joy it evoked to be reunited with my long-lost friends! It was quite a fascinating exercise to lay them all on the floor and see how my reading tastes have evolved over the years. I then sorted them out into themes and revelled in finding them spaces in their fabulous new home. 

And then I set to, decorating. Yes, decorating! Such a pleasurable activity occurs rarely here on Planet Baby. One income and many busy, grasping little hands have put paid to that over the years ☺. 
To finally have spaces to fill with my dearest possessions was a treat. Want to see what it looks like so far? I thought you might. Here are a few little peeks. Let's start with my decorating books. *Sigh*. Most of them are still unread, calling out my name as I pass them by - "Pick me".
Here's my treasured blue glass vase containing precious feathers from Iris and Felicity and adorned with Beth's butterfly.
Then we move onto my craft books. Cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, papercraft, washi tape, painting - you name it, they're all covered here!
Here is my Nikki Gemmell collection. *Sigh*. I'm still getting over the thrill of meeting her.
I adore this tiny Dutch Delft ceramic house. I have plans to buy more from here!
And here are some of my tiny German books (I love the way they print their spine in the reverse way to us) and books from a dear friend, topped by my treasured ceramic ball.

It's still a work-in-progress. I'm sure we still have unopened boxes of books hiding somewhere under the house. I suspect The Great Unpack still has some time to run.

But it's a start. A beautiful start. Just what I need to begin the New Year.
Then I had some fun rearranging my desk. Remember my *box in a box*? Here it is, filled with goodies you've kindly gifted me.
And here's a little cherub, proudly bearing some butterflies aloft.
Look - some more fluttery friends are about!

Next on my list is hanging all the gorgeous paintings and prints I've had framed. They're lying there on the floor, waiting patiently for me to rearrange them. Yet again! Kerry gave me some great hanging tips when she visited here the other day. I think there'll be some trial and error at first until I work out what pleases my eye. 

And then there are my moodboards to hang and decorate! I am *so* excited about them. For months, I had been vainly scouring antique shops looking for decorative old frames without luck. Then Typo came to my rescue.
I handed over one of these babies to the cashier, expecting to pay $50. When I found they were half price, I scooped up another two! Look at the pretty corner detail.
So now I have three of these magnetic, whiteboard beauties, just waiting to be filled with my treasures. Many of them are things that you sweet Planetarians have given me - cards, tags, doilies and all sorts of gorgeous ephemera. Bring on tomorrow! 

Tell me, have any of you been rearranging and sorting for the New Year? Do you share my urge to keep organised? I *suspect* some of you do so I'll write an organisation post soon, maybe using some of the pretty pins I've been collating on Pinterest. Are you up for it? Do tell!
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