Saturday, 24 December 2011

'Twas the night before Christmas...

Another of my fabric-covered words
Ah, sweet Planetarians! I'm still here - I've just been a bit *preoccupied* with the end of school and daycare (on Wednesday, no less) this week as well as the usual end-of-year-craziness to post. So this will be a whopper - here's how we've been preparing for Christmas 2011 on Planet Baby! 

The wreath
We hung last year's wreath on our glorious green front door - it's given us such pleasure to see it from the street. Here's a close-up.
Next year, I'll either make Belinda's book page version or one using white coffee filter papers instead (my girlfriend sent me some from the US as I can only find the brown ones in Hobart!).

The window
My gorgeous friend Iris sent me this divine paper star which I had such pleasure in hanging in our bedroom window. 
Isn't is exquisite? I *adore* the heart details.

The mantelpiece
Our mantelpiece hosted a number of treasures this year. There's darling Tina's gorgeous crocheted garland I won in her giveaway last year.
My treasured German goodies made another guest appearance.
Hanging from the picture rail above was the talented Narelle's stunning music score star. *Sigh*.

The Advent Calendar
We used our traditional wooden Advent Calendar with each pixie taking their turn to open the mysterious boxes - one guess as to what they contained, given Mr PB works for a chocolate company!

The cards
The pixies really enjoyed making their cards again this year. Look at the studied concentration! I was amazed they didn't need my help, unlike last year. We must be making progress ☺.
And here are the results. Their friends loved them.

The letter
Here's Joshie's fabulous letter - we're so proud of his handwriting skills!

The tree

This was the most exciting part of our preparations. I ordered a fabulous Monterey pine tree from fellow Planetarian, the delightful Lee of Killiekrankie Farm. Lee and her husband, Chris, run Tasmania's only Christmas tree farm and recently featured on the cover of Country Style magazine. Isn't their tree just fabulous? It's also bedecked with pretty clay tags handmade by another Planetarian, the divine Ness of Marley & Lockyer fame.
Lee, aware that we have high ceilings in the new Planet Baby HQ, asked me to measure them so she could select the best size tree for us. With a 10 foot ceiling, she graciously decided we needed a 'medium-sized' tree and charged us accordingly (although I suspect we should have been paying for a 'large' one!). She then selected ours and drove it down to Hobart with a vanful of others to the enticing garden shop of Karen Wagner (her store is so gorgeous, I'll write a separate post on it soon).
Here is our tree out the front of her store (it's the largest one, there in the middle), waiting patiently for me to collect it.
This is how I knew it was ours - cute idea, don't you think?
I loaded it up on our car roof, using my very best Girl Guide knots. I then smuggled it under the house whilst the pixies were otherwise occupied.
Mr PB and I then lugged it into the house.
Here are the pixies, delighting in The Big Reveal! That, my friends, was *magic*, seeing their excited faces.

The decorations
Decorating the tree with the three of them was such a thrill. We enjoyed pulling out pretties they'd made, treasured items Mr PB and I had bought pre-PB and especially all the goodies you wonderful Planetarians have gifted me over the past year or so. So how about that - the Christmas tree grown and decorated by Planetarians!
Here are the garlands Cathie and Michelle gave me for my birthday this year.
I adore this divine tag Ness made.
What about Claire's sweet handmade felt ornaments?
Here's an angel I received today from sweet Suzanne - thanks so much, my friend!
And here's Tina's pretty crocheted garland adorning our lintel.
We even managed to dress up the garish red fireplace with some old friends!

So all up, we're ready for, and eagerly awaiting, Christmas Day tomorrow. Even if it will be strange this year without my Dad. I hope to really *dwell in the moment* with the pixies and share their delight. I know that's what Dad would want me to do.

And now, my friends, I'd better zoom - presents to wrap and all that ☺. Have a gorgeous Christmas with your nearest and dearest.


  1. Merry Christmas Jane. xx have a wonderful day with your family, it will be different without your dad - but as you say, be present in the moment and enjoy your pixies.

  2. Love all of your decorations Jane and so love the door wreath. Wishing you and your cherubs a wonderful Christmas and New Year. N x

  3. Merry Christmas Jane, love your pics and decorations and especially that wreath. I have the same advent calendar too but in gold & silver and of course all boxed up in storage somewhere this year. It's been great getting to know you through blogging. Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Mel xx

  4. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas Jane with your gorgeous family!

  5. It looks like there is lots of Christmas spirit there in your home and your little pixies sure look like they are enjoying their Christmas preparations too:) Merry Christmas sweet Jane and to your sweet family. May all of you have lots of fun and good times tomorrow celebrating, take care. xx

  6. What gorgeous little details.
    Enjoy a special few days with your beautiful family.
    Thank you for all of your inspiration and support these past few months.
    You are a truly amazing soul.
    :-) xx

  7. Merry Christmas Dear Jane. YOur tree is fabbo, I'm a country style reader and love love that cover and the tree farm. front door, stunning! kids cards brilliant! I know your day won't be without a tear or two. feel the love and presence of your dad and smile. love and happy day wishes to you and the whole family. Jane x

  8. Lovely post Jane, I loved seeing all your Christmas decorations.

    I thought of you & your lovely Dad today, I know your thoughts will be with him.

    Merry Christmas Jane xxxx

  9. Gorgeous post dear Jane! I just LOVE how all of your beautiful Christmas decorations and tree have such a special meaning for you!! Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas. Huge Xmas hugs to you, lovely ~ xx

  10. Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a marvellous day x

  11. happy days my love - it all looks wonderful - great tree ...enjoy your xmasy time le xox

  12. Happy Christmas! What a lovely post. I love all your precious decorations - it is wonderful to have such precious memories attached to them! I love pulling them out every year too. Your pixies look very happy here with their tree magic, and in your new post today! Love it. Hope you've have a wonderful Christmas time.

  13. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Jane, lots of love

  14. Thanks, ladies. It's so wonderful to have shared this bloggy caper with you all this year. You have no idea how much you've all helped me through it. You are angels. J x

  15. Your decorating looks lovely in your new home. thanks for the mention, glad you love the tags sweet Jane.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Ness xx
    marley & lockyer

  16. Love the tree and the different decorations around the house. Where do you buy the ribbon for your ribbon wrapped words? I like the red and white ribbon.

  17. My pleasure, Ness. They *made* the tree!

    CC, I bought them at Spotlight. Happy hunting ☺. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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