Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Receiving an abundance of heart-warming blog love

Sweet friends, I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment, aren’t I (hmm, maybe a *mild* understatement)? Sweet joy leavened by deep sorrow, all at once. It’s taking me time to mentally *decompress*. There have been so many utterly opposing emotions to contend with in such a short space of time whilst all the while continuing on with Planet Baby’s normal affairs of state. Like resuming The Great Unpack, tending to an outbreak of conjunctivitis (a second pixie was caught off-guard yesterday), showing Joshie how to help me weed the garden (he loved it!) and adjusting to the start of school holidays with all 3 pixies at home (hmm, even less headspace than normal for A Certain Mother).

But in the midst of it all, I have been bowled over by the arrival of an extraordinary box of blog love which spans the globe.
It turns out my treasured friend, sweet Felicity of Gifts of Serendipity, has been in cahoots with a vast number of you huge-hearted Planetarians to send me a parcel filled with kindness, thoughtfulness, craftiness and compassion to lift my spirits during this trying time. Words cannot adequately convey the depth of my gratitude to Felicity for being the Chief Conspirator behind this act of love. Thankyou, Sweetheart.

And the most heartfelt of thankyous to the kind souls who thought about, crafted for, and bought something for, me. I am completely gobsmacked at your gorgeous acts of kindness. I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to share my joy with your fellow Planetarians by showing some of the delights you sent me. So here goes!
This is the enormous box delivered to the door by our trusty postman late last week. Can you believe it?! Knowing my penchant for butterflies and the colour blue, Felicity had thoughtfully stamped some fluttery friends all over the box. Then I opened it up to be greeted by this sight.
Personalised bunting – it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?! Underneath lay layers of treasures, all divinely wrapped (another of my favourite things).

Beautiful Bron of Maxabella Loves in Sydney sent me this whimsical little Typo pencil case (she shares my passion for stationery so I bet she enjoyed hunting for it!).
Inside was this glorious ring.
Ah, be still my beating heart! I adore it. It’s so *me*. You have immaculate taste, Bron. Oh, and you know me so well!

Sweet Millie from The Laurel Hedge in Adelaide treated the Francophile in me to a pretty Parisian Cavallini & Co (one of my favourite stationers) notebook. Just perfect for blog idea jottings – thanks, Millie!
Kind Jennie from Posie Patchwork in Canberra treated me to a brilliant combination of my loves of all things French and stationery (you know me so well ). Ooh, happy in Hobart!
Clever Carol from Naturally Carol in Queensland whipped me up this jaunty little apron for the traveller in me – just the ticket for flouncing about in our fancy new kitchen at PB HQ ☺. Isn’t she clever?
My dear friend Tina of Rubies’ Place in Armidale made me this divine little clay butterfly which looks like it’s received her clever doily treatment. It’s just exquisite, Tina, and looks perfect in my *room of my own*.
And then she found time in her busy life to crochet me this sweetest of doily garlands.
Isn’t it sublime? I am just so moved to think of her fingers busily crafting such a delicate masterpiece for me. It will pair beautifully with its gorgeous counterpart I luckily won in her giveaway back here.
One of my very first bloggy friends, the talented and kind Janette of My Sweet Prints, sent me this sweet little fluttery friend on a dainty little freshwater pearl bracelet. I just adore it, Janette. You know how much I cherish butterflies, you lovely soul.
This delightful felt floral brooch/hairslide was given to me by my generous and huge-hearted friend, Le of Third on the right, in the Blue Mountains. Some of you might remember I mentioned Le back here. She’s so thoughtful and a fellow stationery fiend! I am smitten by this, Le. And Miss India is already eyeing it off…

She also popped in this tiny original watercolour by the talented Kerri of Driftwood Interiors in Brisbane which will look gorgeous on one of my mood boards once I’m organised!
My! Are you still keeping up?! The kind and talented Michelle of Paper Art Studio in Brisbane has been a Planetarian for ages. She was kind enough to pop in this jaunty heart garland. I can’t wait to hang it up. Thanks, Michelle – it’s about time I posted about my love of garlands.
I was so touched and moved to receive gorgeous and thoughtfully written letters from Martha at Jelly Shane in northern New South Wales, Sonia from Raine & Sage in Brisbane and Suzanne at Privet & Holly in the mid-west USA. They were so heartfelt and supportive – thankyou, ladies!
Sweet Beth from A Welsh Girl in Australia is another Brisbanite who writes so engagingly about her expat life with her husband and young daughter. She’s a devoted Planetarian so knew what would take my fancy – a blue butterfly and some luscious French L’occitane hand cream. Thanks, Beth, you treasure.
Over on the other side of the country in Perth lives my caring friend, Amanda of Homely One. Another long-time Planetarian, she has a sweet little daughter, Grace, and is expecting their second child soon. Somehow, she found the time to pick me out this fabulous butterfly biscuit cutter.
I love it! I suspect it might also be used for craft as well as baking biscuits for the pixies, Amanda ☺. This nifty large clothespeg magnet will be brilliant in my *room of my own* - I’m on the hunt for a magnetic board to house my treasure trove of magnets.
Crafty Kate of Another Donkey Design in Sydney was kind enough to send me some of her handmade goodies. Here’s a pretty butterfly garland (gee, you girls are good at working out what I like!).
And here are some of her nifty blackboard tags with fabulous Baker’s Twine and some chalk. I am looking forward to using them in organising my craft cupboard. Thanks, Kate!
The gorgeous Cathie of m.e. in Melbourne sent me this long joy-filled garland – another treasure to adorn my *room of my own*. It’s so bright and cheery – just the tonic I need now.
She also sent me a host of her brilliant photo cards like this scrumptious one, complete with recipe. Yummo!
Oh, and her fabulous handmade recipe cards will some in very handy on Planet Baby. You are such a treasure, Cathie.
Over in Perth, talented Tammi of Little Poppa was kind enough to whip me up this divine crocheted garland in one of my favourite hues of blue. Just the *thought* of her, spending hours crafting this for me is so touching.
She also found this classic German sewing tin, replete with cotton inside. It’s fabulous and I have the matching one already! Gee, I’m a lucky girl to have such a kind friend.
One of my favourite Blogging Your Way buddies, Angela of Wicker & Stitch in Sydney, found this cute little bookmark – isn’t it sweet?
And from faraway The Hague in The Netherlands, my dear friend Iris of the gorgeous Iridee├źn, sent me the most divine butterfly scarf. It is the prettiest thing I own and I adore it. Thanks, Iris! Here’s a close-up. Look at those glorious colours and different flutterers!
Here it is, draped over my chair in my *room of my own*. Oh, it makes my heart sing!
Felicity also generously sent me numerous gifts including this divine little birdie, so cleverly made by Brisbane ceramicist, Sharon Muir. What a treasure. She’ll look such a treat on my desk.
Cripes, this must be one of my longest posts ever. Forgive me but I just want to do this box of goodness justice. I hope you all have found some more pretty and inspiring blogs along the way as well.

And Felicity, you have the hugest heart to rally the troops around me at such a difficult time in my life. I will never forget your kindness. 


  1. So glad you loved all your goodies Jane, they couldn't have gone to a more lovely, kind hearted blogger :) It was interesting to see what others had chosen for you knowing your taste and your interests. I love the way Felicity attached the 'Jane' bunting inside the box, very clever. Enjoy your evening xx

  2. I'm so glad that all of our heartfelt gifts and messages made it to their final destination Jane. You have a few more wending their way from a couple of fabulous friends who missed the first post {wink, wink Anna and Rachael}.

    YOU are the treasure and we had lots of fun being in cahoots together to plan this little surprise for you.

    Biggest of happy hugs!
    xx Felicity

  3. YAY, I'm so glad you were well and truely spoilt by blogland Jane, you deserve it! And Thank you again to Felicity for organising the wonderful gift giving secret - you are SO sweet and thoughtful Felicity! All your goodies are so 'you' Jane and I'm glad you like my little contribution. It was so nice to see what everyone else chose, such thoughtful gifts. how good is the bloggyuniverse!
    Big hugs,

  4. Such an amazingly thoughtful bunch of gifts for a totally deserving friend. Absolutely perfect timing and no doubt felt like Christmas for you Jane!
    Enjoy your beautiful goodies. What gorgeous bloggy friends you have :)

  5. OMGoodness - you must surely feel treasured!
    (that butterfly scarf might be the nicest scarf I've ever ever seen. How could you not feel a little lighter when wearing it?!)
    Felicity is indeed the kindest person with a rather large heart ♥
    sending you love today
    fee x

  6. Seriously heart warming. Felicity is so wonderful, just the measured, thoughtful comments she leaves other bloggers shows her heart. Much respect to our fellow bloggers!

    xo em

  7. Jane...what a wonderful box of goodies...all so carefully thought out and so very you...even more beautiful that it came from so many beautiful one beautiful Soul...You.
    Felicity is just amazing...and has a bigger heart than Phar Lap.

    Enjoy all your gifts deserve it!

    Anna x

  8. Jane you are so deserving of all those lovely goodies and much much more :)
    It was such an honour to be a part of...thank you Felicity for organising, like Jane are such a kind hearted individual.


  9. What gorgeous, gorgeous goodies! So many beautiful hearted and talented bloggy folk out there!!! Hugs Jane! X

  10. oh sweet- you are so very blessed by all those bloggy ladies...
    you deserve each and every piece of their love & friendship....

    enjoy playing house in that *room of your own*...

    melissa xxx

  11. Oh Jane, I'm overwhelmed just by reading and seeing all that love in one big box! I'm sure that this has warmed your heart and now you have reminders of the blog love that will be all around your house. A constant reminder!

    Happy days to you sweet Jane!


  12. What a beautiful box of goodies - it must have felt like Christmas opening such treasures. The kindness of people in this blogging community never ceases to amaze me x x

  13. Thank you for your sweet mention, dear Jane! It was an absolute pleasure to have been included by our amazing, beautiful and thoughtful friend, Felicity. Such a wonderful and heartfelt box of love for you Jane, enjoy all of your beautiful birthday goodies:) Much love, sweet friend ~ xx

  14. Oh Jane, such an incredible post and what an amazing box of delights. It just shows how much of an impact you have on your friends and how loved you are :o) I think every single item is utterly beautiful... and my oh my, that butterfly scarf, now that is exquisite. Enjoy it all sweetie, you so richly deserve it :o) xo

  15. Oh how beautiful! They're are all far more organised than I am. You deserve it all, you special thing xx

  16. I am so glad the treasures reached you safely, I was getting a bit worried that some nasty postman was walking around wrapped in butterflies and garlands... :)
    The scarf had your name written all over it, so I am happy you like it. And YAY for Felicity for coming up with this great idea!
    x Iris

  17. Oh that is just gorgeous Jane! Thanks for sharing your treasure :)

  18. What a lovely post Jane. I'm so glad that everything got to you, and what fun looking through all those treasures. There will always be some reminder of your blog friends in your home now. Can't wait to see your own room all decorated with all the lovely things.

  19. So glad that
    you had a box
    of love to open
    for your special
    day.....and very
    happy to add my
    own words to the
    mix! You are
    certainly loved,
    my friend : )
    xx Suzanne

  20. This is what I love about girls and girlfriends: the connection!! Well deserved dear Jane. Yu are so very special.... Love Martha xx

  21. I hope you enjoy all of these special gifts just for you. xo

  22. Gorgeous, Jane - hopefully sweet joy is the emotion that will prevail over others when surrounded by these gifts. You really are a special person and deserving of all the love. Take care and continue the gentle healing xx

  23. Hi Jane..just glad that you could feel the love..lots o' hugz!

  24. Jane, I am thrilled that all these wonderful ladies did this for you...if anyone deserves this, it is you! I think of you everyday...

    Jeanne xxx

  25. This is one of the sweetest acts of kindness I have ever seen and appreciated by someone who truly deserves it. What clever and generous ladies out there!! Enjoy your lovely treasures xx

  26. Oh yay, it was our pleasure, from sneaky Felicity & her extraordinary kindness to our love for you. It's our way of saying 'we love you, we know you & we're here for you'. Are you so bloody thrilled you got into blogging, to expand your friendship world to this!! Love Posie

  27. Isn't "blogland" such a magic place,filled with lovely people?!Enjoy your treasures Jane and take good care xx S

  28. The world truly is a wonderful place. Such a beautiful joy x

  29. First, you don't know me at all. But I'm incredibly sorry about the recent loss of your father. I lost my mother a few years ago (I was 27, she was 43) and it was..well, you know. If you ever want to talk, my email is

    But what I wanted to say is this. You have amazing friends. ANd this is such a beautiful, sweet, thoughtful thing they have been moved to do for you. Which makes me think that you must possess all of those qualities, and be an amazing friend yourself. <3 I'm so glad you've got such wonderful people in your life and that they are taking such good care of you. This post was beautiful and touching and inspiring (and possibly quite terrible for my paypal account). But it makes me think you must be a wonderful, beautiful soul.

  30. What an incredible, thoughtful gesture - your post has brought tears to my eyes. It's like receiving a gigantic hug from the world all at once. Enjoy- you deserve it xo

  31. Oh Jane, I can only imagine how this care package made your heart sing! How fun and packed with love :) You continue to be in my thoughts XOL

  32. Thankyou, everyone. Words really fail me. I am overwhelmed by your kindness and compassion. I rejoice in giving so much that receiving is a tad hard for me! I have now carefully unpacked all these delights and found them homes. All to be revealed shortly ☺. J x

  33. Oh Jane, I'm so thrilled for you! What an amazing, unforgettable parcel of love and joy - from a wonderful collective of women, to you - a treasured friend to many. (that scarf is sublime)

  34. Thanks, Sarah. Wait until you see (and touch) it! J x

  35. Oh wow Jane what a beautiful gift to receive. Such love and kindness in that box. All of which you deserve my love. Everything is beautiful. Oh and that scarf wow!! Sublime.

    Felicity you are one lovely lovely friend. Beautiful idea. Sorry I missed it.


  36. Yes, Beck, I truly am a lucky duck. I'm still pinching myself. J x

  37. Such beautiful, beautiful things Jane. They must have made you feel happy! I hope you got my little contribution I sent to Felicity too. Love to you and the little ones..Rachaelx

  38. Yes I did, thanks, you gorgeous girl! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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