Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Opening the door to our new life: another peek inside our house

Sweet Planetarians, all 348 of you, life’s rollercoaster is on the up for a moment for me.  Yesterday we made our biggest move yet on Planet Baby’s Monopoly gametaking possession of our new house! Mr PB took this photo as I turned the front door key for the very first time. You can see how delighted the pixies were (Joshie isn’t holding Sam’s face into a smile but instead holding little Quicksilver still for the photo!).

Mr PB left work early so we zoomed over to the house before it got dark (the power hadn’t been connected so we didn’t have long to have a peek!). The vendors had left it in immaculate condition which was a thrill. Here are some photos of what greeted us.

The entrance
The vendors’ photos have gone but we’re left with that drab green. I suspect we might just change that. Oh, and we’d love to add leadlight windows. Have any of you Planetarians done that? It probably costs a bomb – I am absolutely clueless!

The kitchen
My spectacular kitchen gave me goosebumps, just imagining having the bifolds all opened up on a balmy summer’s day and serving food and icy cold beverages to friends and family lounging around the yet-to-be-bought-outdoor furniture on the deck.

You can see a tiny view of the River Derwent on the left. We plan to have all the tops of those trees lopped to open up the garden more, allow the sunlight in and permit us more of a river view!
Here it is from the other end. Notice the aubergine colour paint? Well, that’s going. For sure. Now, which shade of blue to choose, I wonder?! Go on, tell me you’re not surprised . I can’t wait to start using those gorgeous deep drawers, the type that magically *slide shut all by themselves*. Bliss. And the beauty of it all is that everything is a drawer so there aren't any poky cupboards to contend with. And definitely not a Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa-like-Tupperware-cupboard which spills its contents onto the floor whenever you open it!

The lounge room

Whilst the house is fully renovated, there are still things to be added and updated. Take a look at the lounge room, for instance.
The carpet will be okay to start with – it’s in reasonable nick. I suspect we might update it a bit later. I’m delighted to have the picture rails.

Now for the decorators out there, maybe you can see the things I want to change. Let’s see if you agree with me!

Ø       The paintwork is dull and something I definitely want to change to freshen up the room. Once our furniture is in place, we’ll have a better idea of what colours would work (but yes, I’m *guessing* a shade of blue could possibly be featured!

Ø        That light fitting is plain ugly to my eye. I’ll be asking you all for tips (especially my bloggy friends with beautiful eyes for design - A-M, Ang, Anna and Iris). The house was built in 1924. I guess that makes it an inter-war house, as opposed to a Federation one. Does that mean the light fitting should be of a particular style or shouldn’t I worry about such rules and just choose what I like best?

Ø        Could we add a plaster ceiling rose around the light? Or would that not be in keeping with the house’s style? So many questions to ask for a novice decorator like me – our Sydney apartment was bought off the plan so this is a whole new ball game for us!
Ø     The wooden mantel is drab and basic. I need to have a better look at it to see if we can improve it or whether we should replace it sometime down the track.

Ø       That red (urgh!) wooden stove also displeases my eye. The hearth is bereft of tiles. I think some work here might be necessary, don’t you?

Ø        The window lacks a curtain or at least a blind. Oh, my! A whole new world of drapery discovery awaits us .

My room
Here’s the bay window in my *room of my own*. Squeal! There’s so much potential here. Just imagine all that glorious sunlight pouring in, given our northerly aspect. Do I put a desk here? Or maybe we could have a little reading nook installed. Sigh.

And you should see the floor to ceiling built-in cupboards – the organiser in me can’t wait to get cracking with setting up all my paints, cross-stitch, stationery, papercraft and books. Finally a space to truly call my own for the first time in my 40 years!

The backyard

Here are Mr PB and the pixies on the stairs leading from the deck down to the backyard. Sammy is such a wriggler – hence the blurriness!
Here’s another shot looking up towards the backyard. The vendors left their cubby house behind – something for Mr PB to start renovating for the pixies! See how Miss India is drawn to it already.
There are so many things we’d like to do in the backyard. See if you can pick some of them.

Ø      We want to get the tops of the trees lopped and maybe even get some of the scraggy ones removed.

Ø        The rear fence lattice work needs replacing, if not the entire back fence, eventually.

Ø        The sandpit is in a dark, dingy corner and left uncovered. We plan to move it to the top of the garden into a sunny spot and get a cover made for it to keep out any stray neighbourhood pets.

Ø       We have visions of planting raised garden beds for vegetables and having a little orchard of fruit trees. Not to mention planting our favourite flowers such as hydrangeas and gardenias. Oh, there’s so much excitement ahead of us!

Taking it slowly

That said, we have to pace ourselves. We still haven’t found a tenant for our current rental house (I am still flabbergasted) – we were due to move out this Friday 3 June 2011. Fingers crossed we find someone quickly. Our Sydney apartment sells on 16 June 2011 so I hope we’re not paying for 3 properties for long!

Once those final moves on Planet Baby’s Monopoly board have been made and we’re settled in, we’ll have time to sit back and let the deliciousness of owning our own (huge!) home settle into our bones. Happy days, my friends!


  1. Yeah! how wonderful and exciting for you!! It is finally here - you can start to go crazy decorating and painting and designing your home just the way you want. So happy for you and wish you all the best in the smooth transition from one home to another. Your cherubs are just going to love it so much and I am sure you will to. Delighted for you. N x

  2. oh my goodness I love it! your kitchen is just beautiful and those bifolds, the view, perfect! I have serious kitchen envy going on and a room of your own! like a man cave but for you! very important! just don't get into too much craft otherwise you run out of room - that's my problem

    congratulations it is so exciting and I love it! my 4 would be super jealous of that backyard of yours


  3. So excited for you in your new home!!!
    xo Cathy

  4. Goodmorning Jane!
    (when you read this I will be sleeping)
    Congratulations again with your new house, soon to be PB Headquarters. Love to read the Sunday post, always nice to see what you have been up to, look forward to your steps into the world of lamps, carpets, drapes etc.
    Take care, Maureen x

  5. Congrats Jane! Always such an exciting step to make - I hope all your dreams come true here and it's everything you hoped it will be for your lovely little family!

  6. I am so excited for you a blank canvas and all that light. I too would like a room of my own - crazy really because we have a few here but nothing just for me. You need to find a new mantel at a thrift shop and get a chimney sweep (yes they exist) in to check the flue and then you could tile it and have open fires. xoxo

  7. Wow. You new home is lovely. At least there is nothing super urgent to attend to and you can have time to decide the perfect updates. xx

  8. How very very exciting for you Jane! And I think it's wonderful there are a few bits here and there for you to upgrade making it feel more and more like yours along the way. gxo

  9. Wow! Beautiful!
    In our old home (which was period) we had a lead light installed. It was less $1,000 and made such a difference! I'll find a pic for you.

  10. Oh Jane, it's so gorgeous! How exciting for you x

  11. How exciting Jane! My biggest but of advice is to live with it all for a while before you make big decisions. We changed our mind quite a bit in our house, in fact we still do. Enjoy!
    Ps go into Fragments and speak to Georgie, she'll be able to help you with styles of 1925 homes :)

  12. Happy dancing for you all!
    This is such a terrific post to read and I can't wait to see you work your magic and transform this house into the PB home.

    Congratulations and biggest of happy hugs!

    xx Felicity

  13. This is truly a blank canvas Jane and will be so exciting to personalise. I tend to go with what I like as opposed to what style would suit...I think if you see something you like that would improve the aesthetics of your home then go for it!


  14. Congrats, Jane! I love all the beautiful details of your new home. Hydrangeas and gardenias are our two favorites too! Thanks so much for the sweet note and ribbon! I don't know when you found the time! Best wishes!

  15. Wow, your new home is beautiful Jane. Love the kitchen and all those windows! Exciting times ahead for you all xx

  16. Love the peek. How fabulous -- great bones and a blank(ish) canvas to paint on. And so great about the cubby :)Hope someone comes along and snaps up your rental this week!

  17. I love your new house. The bifolds, and your view are beautiful, as are so many things like the picture rails, high ceilings etc. Awesome backyard for the pixies!
    What a beautiful family home. Congratulations Jane!

  18. Congratulations!! It's beautiful. I love the entrance, gorgeous, the kitchen, fantastic & you all look totally thrilled, enjoy your new home!!! x

  19. Yay Jane - congrats on owning another property on the monopoly board! Good luck with the re-letting and I can't wait to see you wandering around the local neighbourhood soon (and I'll be sure to slow down a bit driving past your house hoping not to have to contend with your little Quicksilver on the roads!!).

  20. Oh my, it is divine (and I didn't mind that green in the entry at all!) It is lovely to have so many plans to make your home more 'you,' we too are slowly moving through a very long to do list!

  21. I love your new house. I also love the photo of you and the kids at the front door. That is great. Congrats!

  22. I hope the pieces fall into place quickly for the other two places so that all your exciting dreams for this one can become reality quickly. I look forward to seeing blue walls and gardens of hydrangeas framed by that beautiful view of the Derwent River. Thanks for the show and tell!

  23. YAY! the day has come : o )

  24. Jane, your new house is just gorgeous. I am so excited for you, I just hope it all comes together nice and quickly so you all can be settled into your home x

  25. Wow Jane, your new home is just gorgeous!!! I can't wait to watch it all unfold. Personally, I wouldn't be tied down to any decorating rules... for instance a really gorgeous large drum pendant would look fab in your lounge combined with a ceiling rose! Mix it up a bit to add personality and character I say! So excited for you all.

    Any xxxx

  26. Wow Jane, what a lovely home. It has such good 'bones' and will be a wonderful family home. How fortunate for your pixies to have the cubby left behind!! I am definitely lookng forward to seeing your new home evolve x

  27. Hi Jane, I love your new home... the hallway and the large kitchen windows, wow, wow, wow... This must be such an exciting time for you. Have fun with all the decorating...!
    x. Tesca

  28. Yay, yay and YAY!!!! Congrats! It is so exciting!!!!!
    I LOVE your home, so many gorgeous features! The back yard is brilliant and the view looks magnificent!
    Your 'to do' list might be big....but you don't have to rush!!! You can take your time and enjoy!!! X

  29. Jane, it looks like heaven! The kitchen is perfection with those bi folds out onto the deck (oh how I miss my deck from our previous home) Now, in the lounge room I would definitely replace the mantle altogether but this might depend on budget, the light fitting could be replaced with something in keeping with the houses character, but if you see something you like for the space just grab it, don't be ruled by rules! I had the hardest time finding a light fitting to go in our lounge room's ornate ceiling, something to not distract but compliment. The bay window in your room has me so jealous! Please put a little bench in there with cushions to sit and read :) Our house was built in 1936 and has a lot of art deco features, I am trying to stay true to the houses heritage but not being a total nazi about it. Just have fun!

  30. Congratulations! What a beautiful home for planet baby. Just a thought - finding the time would be a challenge to say the least - But I could see you 'crafting' some lead light windows, with a little help from adult ed or some such place. I can just imagine some lovely Jane-made-blue glass for the sunlight to stream through. I remember my mum spending evenings in the shed making lovely leadlight once the littlies were in bed. Congrats again and I hope the real estate find a tenant STAT! x

  31. it all looks so lovely ... how exciting and enjoy! x

  32. That kitchen gave me goosebumps too - what a beautiful home for a beautiful family. xx

  33. Congratulations! Jane, this is such a beautiful home for parents and pixies - so excited for you. Don't worry about the little reno bits yet, just take time, have a wine and pat yourselves on the back for scoring such great real estate find.


  34. AHA! This is the one I was looking for! My goodness Jane, it looks stunning! It has such warm, homely vibes about it... and all that space! WOW! I would barely know what to do with myself... though I could adjust ;o)
    The entrance and kitchen are the big faves for me.
    Oh enjoy every second Jane xo

  35. Yeah Jane I'm so happy for you and your family having your very own home to move into and enjoy. There's exciting times ahead, I look forward to watching your decorating progress. I hope the move all goes well tomorrow. xo

  36. Heartfelt congratulations Jane! So excited for all of you. The house looks fantastic, the kitchen is totally gorgeous and you have a view!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it all. xx

  37. Oh how exciting congratulations.
    I love the new house, from the front door to the kitchen - stunning xx

  38. Oh Jane this is glorious!So much excitement!!!
    Happy settling in my friend!
    Sandrine xx

  39. I'll round it up to 40 comments, with a "congratulations, it's lovely". What a fabulous place to call your home & no doubt, break in the 100th birthday of the house in 2024. Love Posie

  40. Congratulations for a new home. The kitchen has a fabulous view, so it'll be lots of happy meal from your kitchen. Looking forward to see how you decorate your new place :)

  41. You might be surprised how much the glass you have in the front door costs. Had similar glass in a rental home which The Little Master put a rock through ... very expensive!!!! I'd imagine leadlight even more-so. Talk to an experienced local glazier. You might find the glass is of the era & would be a shame to remove if it is.

  42. I read 'northerly aspect' and thought "what a shame"....and then remembered you're in the southern hemisphere.....I've been reading Australian blogs for 3 or 4 years and the difference in aspect has only just occured to me!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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