Friday, 1 April 2011

Receiving an abundance of blog love: Part 2

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My, you Planetarians are a kind-hearted lot. Thanks for your sweet comments on my last post. I hope you found some more gorgeous havens in Blogland by clicking on the links. So, time to wrap this little series up so I can start writing up some of those 149 draft post titles into posts ☺. Here is the rest of the abundant blog love I’ve been blessed with lately.


Today I had both the honour and the pleasure of being a guest poster on gorgeous Naomi’s blog, the inspirational Seven Cherubs, as part of her Mother Heart series. Naomi is an extraordinary person – the mum of seven delightful young children, a passionate community volunteer, prolific blogger and all-round generous, good-hearted woman. She really believes in the calling of mothering and encouraging other mums to share their thoughts and learn to enjoy motherhood even more. To focus on her passion, she has regular guest posters who post about themselves, their families, special motherhood moments and any goals or dreams they may have about their mothering.
You can find my post here. Thanks, Naomi – it was such a pleasure to write.

#7 and #8

Collage of Life

Every so often, you have the pleasure of stumbling across a gorgeous, huge-hearted, wise and empathetic blogger in Blogland. Jeanne of Collage of Life is one such woman. She is one of my dearest bloggy friends and is a constant source of encouragement and support. She writes so engagingly about her life as the mum of four children, the wife of her beloved Mr H and the peripatetic life they have led for many years as ex-pats in several countries. The other day, she started a ‘Blog Love’ Award which she kindly passed onto me here.
According to Jeanne, this award means “I love your blog and thankyou for inspiring me”. She’s asked the recipients to:

1. Provide the photo and link to your very first post (when you took your first step and if you hadn't, we wouldn’t be reading your words now); and

2. Share the love and pass it on to whomever you like. You can also add the button to your sidebar if you’d like.


Now the funny thing is that a newly discovered warm-hearted blogger I have befriended is Leigh who passed on a very similar award to me here. Leigh is a warm and witty writer who posts about her two young children and American life most charmingly. Do check out her blog for an entertaining read.
So here goes. My first post was on 23 July 2010 and was entitled ‘Through the looking glass’. It’s funny – I still could have written the very same post if I had started blogging today.
So in the spirit of the award, I’d like to pass it onto the following gorgeous bloggers:

Felicity at Gifts of Serendipity

Melissa at Miss Sew & So

Angela at Wicker & Stitch

Paula at Eggshell Blue

Amanda at Small Acorns

Iris at Iridee├źn 

Do treat yourselves and visit their blogs – they’re all beautiful, honest, intelligent, moving and inspiring.


One of my new-found bloggy friends from the Blogging Your Way course is Terese of Designed to a T. It’s been a joy to find a fellow Australian blogger in the course, let alone someone who shares my loves of  paper craft and typography! I was fortunate enough to win her recent giveaway here of the fabulous new IKEA book, ‘Love for Textiles’.
Given IKEA hasn’t yet ventured this far south (oh, and to think it was 5 minutes away from our house in Sydney!), I’m eagerly anticipating receiving it so I can feast my eyes on some interior design loveliness.


As if that wasn’t completely enough, I was then lucky enough to win this wonderful book in sweet Natasha’s giveaway at Northern Light. It’s even signed by the author. Oh, my stars!
Yet more Scandinavian eye candy to feast on . Do visit Natasha’s pretty blog – she writes beautifully and takes you on intriguing zips around the globe. Oh, and her photography is stunning, too.


Finally, another gorgeous soul I met through BYW is Jennie who writes the absolutely enchanting The Odessa May Society blog. She recently tagged me here (once again, I’ll sit this one out given I have posted about myself only recently). Her blog is just stunning.  It’s light, airy, clean, streamlined and just plain gorgeous. She also happens to share my love of typography, wrapping and stationery. Sigh! She’s also crafty and generous, posting tutorials like this one on making a little button garland. Are you having a peek at it, Bron?
Aren’t her styling skills and photography just swoon-worthy? I find it’s such a pleasure visiting her blog – spoil yourselves and do it, too!

And that, my friends, is a wrap! I really hope I’ve introduced you to some gorgeous new blogs – let me know if you start following any of them. It’s fun sharing this blog love around, don’t you think?


  1. are very sweet and I feel so lucky to be in such good company! How you do it all my dear is a wonder to me....I am most impressed by all that you have accomplished these past months. I think you deserve an award just for being you.

    I am also very eager to hear your news :))) I wait patiently and in the meantime I am going to go around and say hello. A special thanks too for posting this Jane as I have been hopeless with one that you bestowed upon me a few months back. Still waiting for the perfect party :)

    Best wishes Jane..

    jeanne xxx

  2. Oh me, oh my! What a fantastic surprise to be included in your post! I'm speechless...really, I'm so grateful for the kind words. Know that it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you sweetie and again, you deserve all the blog love in the world!

  3. Jane - you inspire me - great to read what you have to say - lovely you.
    A xx

  4. OMG, yum, Jane, just YUM!!!! I'll be following immediately. And lots of other new blogs to check out here. If you love them, then I will love them.

    I'm ever so pleased for all the lovely awards and prizes and goody-goody-gumdropsing you have going on here. You deserve the good life, Jane. x

  5. Such well deserved awards Jane!! I can't believe how many giveaways you've won though in post 1 & 2!! What is your secret?! I'm now heading over for a button and string tutorial - thanks!

  6. I l-o-v-e blog love!! You deserve it and I am tucking away those sites to look at when I have a little 'me' time. Thanks dear Jane, you do so inspire...

  7. Lovely post Jane and it was a total JOY to have you on my blog. so love the other blogs you have shared and it always warms my heart to see so much love happening around the blogosphere. naomi x

  8. Dear sweet you, it's wonderful to see that you've been the recipient of much blog love as you share it with us so generously.

    Thank you for your including me in this most wonderful list of bloggers, I'm tickled pink! Thank you too for introducing me to Iris, she is the only 'newie' on your list and I've already stopped by and had a wonderful time exploring her beautiful space.

    xx's to you and fingers crossed that you receive many more lovely treasures in the very near future because you so bountifully bestow them.


  9. Loving your blog love! X

  10. I think you are just the biggest cheer leader in blog land, always so supportive & encouraging, from the heart, to so many amazing bloggers. Clearly we move in the same bloggie circles, very fond of all you list. Love Posie

  11. Hi Jane!
    Well, congrats on all this blog love you received! Thanks for all the links, I found some great things, hope you have a good weekend!
    (your parcel is on tour, with stamps!)
    Hugs, Maureen x

  12. Jane, thanks so much sweetie for mentioning me in your post... I'm very touched! Have a lovely weekend with your family.

    Ang xx

  13. Great post as usual. I do love your blog, and all the help you have given me. I love your clock are probably out enjoying your day.


  14. Hi Jane, thank you so very much for mentioning a tiny bit about me here. I'm so glad you will receive the IKEA's on it's way...with a little extra something....T

  15. Ah, you lovely people. Thanks for your kindness here. No wonder I love this bloggy caper so much!

    Ah, Emma, I just keep entering - sometime your name has to come up ☺.

    I'm so delighted so many of you have enjoyed these new blog finds - there's nothing better, in my book.

    J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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